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Button Up. (Mens Freebies).

Not sure whether to be mad or happy,  I had just bought  a shirt because I really liked it and it cost me 200Lds and then not only did I find this almost straight after but it’s FREE!  The icing on the cake is the fact you get a hud with it which I thought would change the colour of the buttons but it actually changes the whole colour and you have a massive choice of 15 colours and some textures.

XiaThankfully I resisted the 400Ld coat because look at this one and again FREE.

Xia2Even the coat comes with 6 colour choices but also a hud to change the colour of the shirt underneath (8 colours for that). Look at the detail of the straps on the cuffs you have the same details on the belt, buttons and pockets.  One of the newer style jackets in that the belt is tied tight.

You do have to join Superjaix Residents group Xiaj to grab them but not only is it free to join but you don’t even have to visit his shop (it would be such a shame if you didn’t though).  So join and then check out the group notices and you will see both of these items and a fun item of a Christmas ornament….I’ll leave the surprise for you.


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Winter Coats

Bubblez somali winter coat
I’ve got two new releases to share, same coats – different creators ! Above is the Somali coat by Bubblez. Heavy tweed fabric with grey trimmed fur cuffs, a matching collar with a sweet bow, plus a co ordinating fur hat. Check out the tiny gothic crosses around the waist…and the mock white skirt beneath – lovely details.

Bubblez seed bag Frost Fair

The “seed” bag is available at the RMK Gothic Frost Fair, SO darling! sheer material, so you can see the objects inside – pine cones and a dainty pocket watch.

ArisAris NEW!

ArisAris have also released this style of coat but it’s so different from the more Goth inspired one by Bubblez above. This one is a houndstooth check material, with mink fur trimmings and a matching scarf. For the record Id wear both and LOVE both, just goes to show how different creators have differing visions of the end product huh?!

RMK Goth Frost Fair



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This is Magical – Dont miss it ! (Freebies)

North Pole Village - Hunt !
For the last few years I have gone to visit the North Pole Village. It’s just amazing. All created by DarkDharma Daguerre, a superb build with SO much to do and see. Make sure you allow yourself time to explore and of course, do the hunt ! New gifts this year, and although I only found a handful, they are truly unique and wonderful. When you tp in, you’ll arrive at the top of a blustery snowy hill, follow the signs down to the village and enter the huge red gates. Your eyes will grow wide, it’s a festive riot !

North Pole village hunt - FREE gifts!

Touch one of the hunt signs for info about how to find the gifts, and I warn you – this is no easy feat, but well worth the struggle. I found this snuggly Teddy armchair, a Santa Teddy, plate of Christmas food and cookies for Santa ! There are twelve gifts to search out in total, I will go back and see if I can find a few more .

North Pole village - 1 prim snowman 75L - Clawsit Monster FREE mesh outfit  with boots

Last year I treated myself to two of the brilliant animated reindeer, this year I couldn’t resist the 1 prim snowman, he’s gorgoussss and sooper cute . My outfit is a free gift currently on offer at Clawsit Monster. Really neato mesh harlequin patterned dress, with a mesh belt, which is really more of a corset with its lacing at the back. You also get the little boots! No group to join, so grab yourself this jaunty outfit.

North Pole Village & Santas Workshop

Clawsit Monster

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Wanda & Buffy(& small cute freebie).

Holy Moley I checked my bank account and I have money! so time for treats.

Treat timeIn RL I can’t get away with shoulder less tops, I have a tendency to look as though I’m a rugby player with my shoulders and as for mini skirts! so basically SL allows me to dress in ways that RL won’t (yes that also included walking around with coochie cutters and nip flashing).  I got the skirt first and my first thought is damn it’s so summery and I don’t feel summery then my second thought was ooo look at that pattern and I was determined to find a top to match or in this case a contrast.  The mix of coloured dots on the (cowl)?) neck and the brown body means that this top can be worn with many colours, shorts or trousers.  The top is called Wanda and comes from Leri Miles Design which is a shop I’ve been popping into on a daily basis to see what the newest Advent Calender is. It’s nice to see that if you’ve missed a day you can still pick it up not free but she had items priced from a 1Ld to a 100Ld and the more expensive items come with demos.  Everything is very Christmassy themed.

The skirt is called Buffy and comes from Misteria which is a small shop but it has a bit of this and a bit of that which sometimes means you end up buying more than you planned for.  So there is some SLink nails, a little bit of furniture, some crying tattoo layers (bought them), bags and Gachas, some clothes and some poses one of which I’m actually using in my picture.  The lovely hair bow is also a Miseria Gacha item but the cute freebie is the arrow through the head.



The cheat is because I’ve just used this picture previously but it was the wreath I was blogging  but because I loved everything about this picture from the colour to the clothes I snapped off a couple more photos of the new Noor hair from Mina’s.


Each hair colour pack comes with an easy to use hud and those hairs which come with accessories (not this hair) usually can be changed with the hud as well as the sizing.  Thinking about it my head must be the perfect size for Mina hair because I’ve never had to adjust the sizing.

Hair 22

AARRGGHH How did I miss this it’s SALE TIME at Mina’s hair a massive 50% off so time to start clicking and grab those bargains!  Mens hair and petites also so something for everyone.

Leri Miles Design (LMD)

miseria(Skirt and Freebie)

Mina Hair

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Pink Bell Hunt !

The Pink Bell Hunt - Boots & dress gift!The name of this hunt inspired me ! Surely in a hunt to find pink bells..there must be some pink gifts…right?! I wasnt dissapointed…straight away I scooped up these terrific bright pink boots with towering heels from Glitzz. Gawd I love them, had to do a little editing to get a really snug fit, but it was simple dimple. My dress is from OhLala Fashion, also a prize in the hunt. It came with a belt, but I preferred it without, looks great both ways ! All prizes are just 1 token Linden dollar, there’s some real choice items to search for – so get your hunting goggles on .

The Pink Bell Hunt Blog (clues & url’s)


OhLala Fashion

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Something different

Bubblez - NEW
Phew I was getting a little bit OVERLY Chrismassy ! Thank goodness Bubblez released this “Lana” outfit to calm me down. Sultry and ooozing sex appeal, this shorts and bustier bra set will set a few pulses racing. Three items in the box, big baggy velvet jacket with a zebra striped lining inside the hood, love love LOVE the halter style bra-top ! and some shorts with suspender braces dangling down.

Bubblez NEW!!!

Check out the jacket details, really lovely texturing and shape at the rear…havent taken this off yet ! Thanks Milo ❤


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Snowflake Hunt or “A tale of two tables”


Spargel & Shine AGSH

I’m always one of the first to arrive at any event held at the Antiques Square! Mostly because two of my favourite antique stores are there. Spargel & Shine always always alwayssss make something lovely and wonderous for events, plus you wont leave empty handed if you have a wander around the shop – it’s all sooper pretty (and thankfully low prim!) This is the snowflake hunt, I was so early some stores hadn’t set up yesterday, but I did find Spargel & Shines item, this fully loaded table above. Have to say that the crystal cut-glass vase really captured my heart, and the lamp even works ! So much pretty for so few prims hurruah! Youre looking for a snowflake, most stores seemed to have a clue to help out, each gift is just 5L.

Nadeau Shoppe - AGS Hunt item

I also hopped along to Nadeau Shoppe, another firm fav of mine. Cant believe I found the snowflake here, I’m usually SO rubbish at hunts ! This is the gift above, a lovely little festive table to grace your home. Few in prims but big on style, its won a place in my SL home. Another beautiful shop to browse, with some unusual pieces to buy and collect. You really should explore the area, its magical and Snowy. I took a horse-drawn sleigh ride around the square and had a skate on the pond in the centre.

Antique Square

Spargel & Shine

Nadeau Shoppe