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Pause for thought! (25Lds for 500Lds).

I wasn’t going to eat that last brownie, I wasn’t going to finish that last drop of wine and I most certainly wasn’t going to SL and yet again I’m so glad I did or else I would have missed this excellent offer from Leri Miles Design.  For a short time only, so put on your ice skates and skate over there and grab it, she has not only reduced her VIP group joining free to only 25Lds BUT you get a stonking 500Lds credit to your name.Shirt

Chosing what I was going to spend my Lindens on was real easy because I’d spotted both items on previous visits and just like RL I love nothing better than a simple oversized mans shirt.  A range of colours to chose from all the mesh sizes and of course demos available.

DressThis dress is now a staple design in SL, a casual dress with a zippered front but what makes this one more memorable is the patterned panel at the front and the lovely old retro fabric even it’s name Maribel has a lovely old twang to it. So I actually picked 2 items that I wanted to keep and not the newest designs she has out.  Special mention is that the 60Lds offer of some lovely high waisted pants are still out, some lovely colours.  Please don’t forget to check out the upstairs as well, the steps leading up there and just outside the front doors so even more goodies for you to find.

In the first picture you can see the lovely mittens from mon ami, free, but you can’t see the even nicer matching slippers.  A sweet little shop in what looks like an interesting sim so I will be popping back later for a good look around.  There is a wall of Gacha’s some LB’s and of course this freebie.  Simple and sweet.

Leri Miles Design

mon ami