Happy Christmas

HappyThis is the clean version but personally I love the unclean one, joking aside a BIG FAT SLOPPY KISS TO ALL.

Thank you to all who regularly visit this blog and I hope you managed to find some treats along the way and a big thank you to the shops and individuals who have sent us items to blogg. Faith and I have had a stunning year in SL and RL ain’t been too shabby either, must point out at this point that Faith and I are not a SL or even a RL couple although after all these years SLing we know each other too well.

And now that the pressies are unwrapped the food demolished and the relatives packed off back to their home I can reflect a bit and get some online sales hunting I came across this.


Not all of us can be surrounded with loved ones, sometimes we are surrounded by “loved ones” only to realise we can’t stand them and have to pretend that we do, some have suffered great loss and some feel lost in this great big world but that doesn’t mean to say life can’t be damned good and sometimes it’s the small things which mean the most.

So fingers crossed for all that 2014 is an Asskicking year for all.