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Cherry on the top (oodles of Freebies).


Not going to be able to do this excellent hunt much justice because RL has been so busy I’ve hardly had time to breathe but because it’s such a good one I wanted to get it posted as soon as I could.  Called “Where is the cherry hunt” and I will tell you where the cherries are, they’re EVERYWHERE! Oodles of cute square cherries each containing a lovely gift of clothes, tails, eyes etc.  The cherries are all scattered around a lovely Christmassy shopping sim and not only are they so abundant but every shop seems to have either Group Gifts or Lucky Boards out so in about 20 mins I collected 24 items and I probably missed a lot more.

Must confess that if I had had more time I would have modeled a pretty darned good outfit I found and a cute Kawaii dress but I’ve just grabbed and snapped these 2 skins as tasters. Both are actual group gifts (free to join) from Cubic Cherry and there is more to be had from them (LB Upstairs).  Love the cold wintry look of the first skin, it has sparkles splashed over it (the larger stars are placed by me to cover my modesty)

black skinAnother Group Gift from Cubic Cherry and there is also a third free skin which comes with Lola and Lush   This is a more futuristic skin.  I’ve not changed any of my settings to make the skin look better because I thought this is a great skin and stands up well to SL lighting.  The horns are actually a Cherry hunt items which I’m still wearing now.

Where Is The Cherry Hunt