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Scored Big Scored Cheap (Hunt items).

Second shop on my Christmas Candy Can Hunt list and I scored so well I’m really chuffed.  First thing though wasn’t a hunt prize but check this out.

PlanterOMG 2 prims ALL of those plants on a boat shaped planter=2 prims!  This is such great quality and texturing.  Called Boat planter because it has a bowed bottom to it but in all honestly I’ve just placed mine of water for the fun of it because it can be placed anywhere.  Our sim is almost whitened out so I thought that one of the more flowery and colourful planters would be out of place so I chose the more sedate grassy one but if you’re still in SL summertime mode then the other boxes are in full bright bloom, packed with flowers and greenery.  Excellent all round including the 49Ld price tag.

WateringJust to give you a better indication of the size, depth and quality I took this picture.

Autum treeThese tree’s are the Lets Give Thanks Hunt Item (or the picture of the pumpkin) and are FREE.  Pretty generous when yet again you have such great texturing and low primmedness.  If I remember correctly you get 5/6 different shapes in the pack and they’re copyable and at 2 prims you could rezz a whole forest of them..

And then the icing on the cake is this.

CandyI had stood and admired these in the shop I didn’t really have the Lindens left to buy them(roll on payday) I had earmarked them for a later date when I had some Lindens to spend  and then I stumbled on to the Christmas Candy Cane hunt item (cupcake with a candy stick in it) and YES this was in it! and it’s copyable.  I’ve just quickly rezzed items on my land because I so want to get back to hunting as there is so much good stuff out there and I want it all, but when I get back inworld I might just rezz this cutie inside my home.  All the above photos were taken in my Nams Optimal Prim and Skin setting but esp the Peppermint Candy Cane tree looks stunning in all windlights.

3 Hunts going on in Alyxen’s shop at the moment and all can be found in his furniture shop but please check out the TP to his Garden shop, Mens Clothes and Skyboxes.  Each dept has something that stands out as being rather different.  The furniture shop, obviously the planters but it also has bed’s, thrones, Christmas Tree’s etc etc.  The garden shop has tree’s, landscaping, butterflies etc and the clothes department has some really cute and cheeky “peeking” mens boxers and I’m hoping to send Baylen there to pick a pair up (I promise piccies if he does) but even the mensware dept had something for me, bright eyes for only 9Lds.  I picked myself a pair of orange ones up and I was so pleased with them when I get back inworld my last Lindens is going on some of the bright and unusual ones.

Alyxen Designs

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Rezz in Edit. (Shhh not “Free Tree” but a single Linden).

TreeeeeeSo poor I decided to cling onto my remaining Lindens and go hunting instead.  I chose the Christmas Candy Cane Hunt because there is so many shops involved including some I love so I thought I’d be almost guaranteed to get  some Crimbo goodies.  A big plus is a comprehensive list of LMs and Hints which for idiots to me is always appreciated.

OMG I actually walked past this tree and although I noticed it because of its unusual design and great colouring I didn’t even prim check it because I thought that there was NO WAY this was going to be as low primmed as it has turned out to be.  So with a little hunting I found the CCCH item (what you’re looking for is a cupcake with a candy cane sticking out of it and the clue given is “Sweet fairies guard me”) so when I’d picked up a couple of hunt items I TPed back to my platform and was more than pleasantly suprised that this is the actual hunt prize. So chuffed with it. The colours are bright and primary, the lanterns with the candle flame are old-fashioned and not only that but a total of 11Prims means this can be rezzed anywhere…as long as it fits LOL.  As you can see this is a big un and because it’s actually animated as well you cannot resize it but again at 11 prims this is not primmy at all.

Lots of really lovely and unusual indoors and outdoor decorations at this Christmas Market.  Special mention to the excellent 3 tiered Christmas tree style Village scene which would look really unusual instead of a traditional Christmas tree and amazingly enough for all the detail only 13Prims.


“Rezz in Edit” is something you may have heard of but not really sure what it means. Simply click on something and go into edit, I’m in edit mode on that plain prim,  and then whilst still in edit drag the item you wish to rezz from your invent and rezz it and you will now see that is now in edit mode.  This is very useful for items which have unlinked bits to it. Most of the time if you forget to do this then it’s easy just to edit the pieces back together but sometimes you may find that there are too many bits or you’ve broken something such as an animation because you should have rezzed in edit.  Not too sure if I’ve made it clear but practice makes perfect.

Candy Cane Hunt LMs and Hints

Christmas Market (Hunt Item)

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The Christmas Market (Freebies also!)

FREE sweater

It was so lovely to go to my very first Christmas market in SL , pretty place that’s well laid out and not at all laggy yay! A lot of the stores involved also have gifts out for you, I snapped up this sweet snowflake sweater free from Wolf&I. All sizes included and its a jolly teal wintery shade with a smattering of snowflakes to get you into the spirit of things!

Christmas Decor - CIRCA NEW!

CIRCA is also there with some really gorgeous Seasonal offerings. For your home there are the modern twig vases, with a merry star and fir cone attached sure to look stylish in your space. At the back is the cookie laden Christmas tree, sprouting out from a base of pure snow. If you’re looking for some festive lighting, grab yourself the dear little snowflake decorated candle holders.

Gacha rings !

CIRCA also have a gacha machine (sorry sorry sorry – I know HOW addictive these things are!) You can play for these rings, 16 commons and 9 rares – oooOOOooo ! My absolute favourite is the blue & silver stacked bow one. Of course you can always keep any doubles to trade or give away as Christmas gifts – handy! Thanks Cherelle ❤

CIRCA @ The Christmas Market

The Christmas Market landing point

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Crafters gone wild.

This is what happens when you get a bored crafter.  It seems to be ages since I had an excuse to wear my lovely Lolas and then I found a small Gacha event just for the well endowed and as soon as I saw these Titty Tags they were in the bag (or in this case my invent).

TagsThis is Pink Sugah’s offering and I won a pair of the common ones but fortunately I lurve cupcakes, obviously one for the left booby and one for the right.  Each set of 2 has cheeky saying or cute pictures.


Pixelated so I don’t shock you too much but they delicately dangle from your Lola nips.  If you really need to see how they hang or just want to cop an eyeful then click my Flickr Account link and see them in all their glory.

ϲɾմʍքҽէ (tara.asamoah) the owner if Pink Sugah has been really nice and if you look under the Gacha machine she has set out a freebie to celebrate “Brit Tits Hunt” which I will definitely being doing.  Her offering is a sparkling skin tight Union Jack dress with not only Lola Appliers but Phat Ass and some others that I don’t even recognise.  So pop into her shop and check out the busty goodies and the sign for the hunt is right in the door.

Please don’t ignore either the Gacha event or Pink Sugar if you’re not a Booby fan as so many of the clothes are equally as good for the small boobed as well and even the Titty tags with a minimum of editing will look cheeky hanging from anyone’s nip.


Hello Titties Slots Gacha’s

Pink Sugah Mainstore

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Bunnies & Mister Shepherd

Bunneh mesh Hoodie NEW! Sax Shepherd Flirt Slink sandals coldLogic jeggings

Happy Monday! Hows it going? Mine was pretty ok’ish as Mondays go . So so so I’ve got some über cuties to share and some seriously slinky shooz ! My Bunneh hoodie top is by even.flow. It comes in a duo pack, you get them reversed kinda deal. Above I’m wearing the pink one from the bubblegum pack, isn’t it gorgy? Love how the hoodie part just hangs down your back so casually. Told you to grab yourselves some of the coldLogic jeggings didn’t I? These are seyfried in black and quite frankly I tend to wear them ALL the time. Check out mah shooz! I’m so in lurve with my Slink feet and have assembled a few pairs of shoes to wear with them now .

Sax Shepherd Flirt sandakls for Slink med feet

These were a gift from a lovely lady (thank you!) who just wanted me to enjoy my new tootsies. Made by Sax Shepherd, and called “Flirt”, have a feeling they will become superglued to my trotters, so easy to wear and slip into. This is the “leather basics” pack, you can change the colour of the stud detail also. Absolutely heapsss of tones to choose from so go see.

Bunneh mesh Hoodie (2 pack) natural gacha tool box 10L per play!

I popped over to a lovely little store called natural the other day and got hooked on the gacha machines (yet again!) These precious “promenade” tool boxes are just 10L , I really scored and won the rare straight off ! Naturally I HAD to keep playing though and got quite a few more, SO darling . It’s a great store with some really inexpensive poses and wearables, totally worth peeking at.

Bunneh Hoodie & free mic that animates and sends out crazzzzy particles (FREE)

I gotta add this into the mix, it’s a freebie from “nas”, just add it and it appears in your hand, type in main chat ” utauyo” and it animates you to sing a crazzzzyleg song PLUS sprinkles all sorts of pretties around you in great big pufffffs – FUN!

Sax Shepherd Designs

Sax Shepherd Designs at Shoetopia

nas shop




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Mondays Kiss.

TreeUnlike someone we know (Faith) I haven’t even started to think about Christmas decorations but I popped over to the Wash’s Black Market Sale and found this.  Comes from Pure (not us) and at 10Lds and 4 prims cheap and practical but that doesn’t mean cheap looking.  Obviously the black colour and minimalist styling will appeal more to men but anyone who wants a striking effect couldn’t go wrong with this.  The best thing is it is resizable and you can shrink it down to the size of a candle or enlarge it to the size of a house which is pretty impressive as it loses nothing in depth or colouring but of course the larger the tree the higher the prims.

Pure is the clothing section of Katy Dirkle’s SL shops, not a lot for men in at the moment but there are 2 suits at the back of the shop for only 10Lds but since the 2 sizes won’t fit me I’ve not tried them but I know that Zan has not only blogged a few of Katy’s outfits and she still has them which means they must be good and I did see a load of bargain priced clothes on the back wall.  Katy’s Kreations is her Sculpties and builders packs so if you want to give creating in SL then this is a great place to start.

I’ve tried to give the LM directly to the Pure stand but you may find that there is a central TP landing area so sorry you may  have to walk around a bit but although most items here are womens clothes there is enough furniture, garden items and even some mens clothes to make it a good place to take a walk around.

The Wash

Pure Mainstore

Katy’s Kreations (builders kits)

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Preppers get prepped.

Another Kismet moment in SL.  I had literally just popped into Follow Us in the hopes that Laurent83 Waco has started to put out Crimbo items (thats Christmas to the unchildish) and sadly apart from trays of scrummy foods and other stuff not much at the moment but then I had spotted this “Fruity kitchen” and it hurt not to either buy it or send  a begging note to Laurent83 Waco asking for a copy to blog because it’s so “preppers” and then out of the blue I received one in my invent the next day.

Kitchen1I rezzed my Woodcutters house and omg how good does this look even  from the doorway.  It also gave me the opportunity to show off the pot belly coal stove which is not included in with the kitchen but its rustic charm compliments it. A lovely replacement for a full cooker as it comes with your meal heating on top and a kettle.  Not shown is the matching coal shuttle and poker set or the colour choices.  The standard black a more unusual white and an even more unique warm cherry colour.

Kitchen2The kitchen isn’t packed with poses but that s not such a draw back especially when the ones included are pretty damned good.  A new one is this ruffling though the pages of a cooking magazine, smooth and very realistic and with the same perfect poses as with some of his other  kitchen sets, mixing food in a bowl, pouring seasoning on food etc all smooth and flowing.

Kitchen 3The reason I refer to this one as “preppers” is because there is a very basic rustic charm to it.  Everything you see comes with it all set out and ready to go so no need to shop around for kitchen accessories and then the fiddling editing them into place you simply rez this as it is (only the cupboard door is separate so rezz in edit mode but if you forget then editing the cupboard door in place is easy peasy).  The shelves are packed with tinned goods, fruit n veg, pots and pans, tray of cutlery and cups and saucers so basically everything that makes a kitchen look complete without all the fuss of buying seperate items and having to fiddle them into place.  The very rustic wood sink is filled with pans waiting to be washed love the added rustic tap.  Click on the door under the sink and there is even a cooler box with trays of sliced meats and cake.  The top is cluttered with kitchen ware and there is a crock pot, sadly I cut it out of the picture, with pots in slowly cooking away.   I just LOVE IT and when I pack up my “winter home” with its inbuilt kitchen then this is the one I will be using.

Kitchen BayBeing a Windlight addict I love to use it but of course it can enhance and sometimes ruin the look of furniture, settings and even how you AV looks so I always like to take as natural but the I loved that warm setting so much I had to use it but when I got this off Baylen I really appreciated how he’s managed to capture the magazine, pose and colouring so I’m going to add this on.  This kitchen looks great in any setting.

Not shown but if you really want to complete the look then go further into Follow Us and check out the “Rural Table”.  This is a perfect compliment to the Fruit Kitchen because it uses a lot of the same texturing.  With the kerosine oil lamp, small milk churn and coffee grinder rustic enough for country living but plates of scrummy looking cakes and sweets, napkins, cups and saucers pretty enough for all.  Chairs come with inbuilt poses, only a couple but both are smooth and very natural flowing.

FreeIf all of that isn’t enough then check out this FREE Group Gift from Follow Us.  OK I’ve now been a member of Follow Us for so long I can’t remember if there is a joining fee I promise to drop Laurent a note and ask but even if there is a fee this is one group that actually does put out not only a regular monthly group gift but also a sub gift, he also has special offers out all the time usually in the form of a large discount on certain items which when they go they go so at the moment the easels that have the discounted items on are blank, but I know that soon there will be another offer up there.  All the special offers, discounts, group gifts are in the entrance area so easy to find but make sure to check out not just the shop but outside where he has his outdoor items.

This cooker is perfect for the smaller home, just for fun I rezzed it into a closet LOL but it fits my AV perfectly well and with a couple of poses in it very sweet and I know because one of my secret addictions is small homes that finding  a cooker than can fit in is a real find.  Check out the carbon on the bottom of the frying pan and yes thats what mine looks like in RL!

Check out his Marketplace because there photos are excellent and you can see that there are some brilliant Dollarbies and 10Lds items but also that his prices are more than reasonable.  Nice to see that his blog is also updated on a regular basis so check that out as well (and it has a much better picture of this Group gift).

Follow Us

Follow Us Marketplace

Follow Us Blog