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Winter warmers

Cleo Design House & Garden Designer Warehouse

Cleo Design has a brill set out for this round of House & Garden Designer Warehouse and as usual its a flippin huge box of pretties! You get two comfy big chairs, a rug, two stools, the sideboard that has opening cupboards (and is colour change too!) a framed picture (couldn’t fit it in !) the food decor items andddddd the chalkboard wall decor *phew*.

Cleo Design - decor detail

I really appreciate the use of good realistic poses in my furniture, and they are always sooo good in Cleom’s pieces. Plenty for females & males, some with props and so fluid. Go check this set out at the venue and have a play around, you’ll see what I mean. Above is a closer view of some of the little details in the set, each piece is so pretty and also low in prims.

Cleo Design - decor detail NEW!

Just so you can see the dirty big fried breakfast ! Id love to be chomping my way through that right about now – but can’t *sigh*, lovely detailing and check out that gorgeous looks-like-you-can-touch-it throw ! Thanks Cleom ❤

House & Garden Designer Warehouse