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Gotta catch the last post

Stars Fashion - winter moon - scarf, jeans,sweater & boots PROMO 99L_003

I’ve been zooming about in real life today – catching up on bill paying (ho-hum) and posting long over due letters – making a zillion phone calls and receiving double that amount back (why is Friday always the day people call me?!) So here I am pedalling off to the letterbox catching the 5.30 collection – phew! My outfit is from Stars Fashion, and its ALL included. You get mesh jeans that are washed out in colour and really nicely styled, the baggy cream and powder blue sweater, heeled boots and of course the scarf to keep those frosty gusts out as you launch off down the road. (I really really REALLY love that you get  the boots & scarf with the option of resize script or not) Guess whut? All this is on a special promotion for one week of 99L ! Mmmhmm, great deal – there are also six more new outfits on the same deal, but this was my absolute fav.

Stars Fashion store

Stars Fashion market place store