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Camo (Freebies)

copI had to take a photo of Coepio because it took me a moment to realise that this is what it’s supposed to look like and not that I was having rezzing problems.  A trick of the eye in that the shops look as though they’re facade only but these are packed with stuff.  The one to the left seems to have womans jewelry and some shoes (sorry I didn’t check properly) but the one ahead contains the goods.  In the window you can just about make out the presents hanging just waiting for you to join the group and grab them.  The group is free to join and if you do go inside you will see that what you’re getting is shop quality as they’re in there as well, but of course with the colour choices you may prefer.

JacketSome of the Group Gifts and the shop stock is unisexed and the pack contains male and female sizing but before you buy check the demo to make sure as not everything is.  Will have to recheck to see if this padded camo jacket comes with female sizings because I know Zan will want one.  Comes with a hud for you to change the colour of the collar and cuffs.  The jeans are also a GG from them as well, as usual great texturing and belted.

pants useThese pants are so low slung I had to go to my secret home in the sky to take this photo.  Come with a choice underpants so blushes are saved. Not a big fan of what I call “full nappy pants” but I’m keeping these not just because they’re free but they’re just such a good look and a great burgundy/red colour.

As I’ve said all the Freebies are actually full priced in the shop so most things have a Linden value of around 250Lds so pretty generous gifts.