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Merry Christmas? Bah HumBug

Hunt stuff

Ok so I did my first Crimbo hunt of 2013 yesterday – I was dead grouchy about it all to be honest – BUT…there was almost FREE shoes – so I cheered up a fraction. Ok NOT totally free but gosh – just 5L per prize is a real gem not to be missed. Each store has clear graphic panels showing their prizes and each has a number, so you wont get a load of stuff you don’t really want yay! You can pick and choose – love that. I made up an outfit with the new capris from FLG (they have a phatazz applier apparently – not my cuppa tea sorry) I’m also wearing the off the shoulder mesh tee prize from Pure Perfection and the sooper jolly red boots from JK Style.

Free shoes with socks !

This is a sim wide hunt, and you’re looking for little Santa hats, its simple dimple to find them all and you’ve got until the 31st December to track everything down. These shooz are from Pure Perfection and I love love LOVE them lots. Spotty and socks, great combo. Part of the hunt so just 5L again. Oooodles of stuff to find, go take a gander.

Merry Christmas Sim Hunt starting point

FLG Store