I love riding in my car !

windsong - horseless carriage 15L !

There has been talk of arranging a mainland tour over at the SL Universe forums, so in preparation I followed a few links to the market place that were handed out and bought myself a new vehicle ! This is the “Horseless Carriage”, its made by Windsong. You’ll have a lot of fun looking through the store, its jam packed with low cost goodies to play with. This little car is so handsome and has ooodles of  toys onboard, sounds, animations, even a pair of goggles and a hatt ! all for the princely sum of 15L !  (its also wearable, so no prims taken up, no need to find a rez place and easier sim crossings) I bought another car from Windsong that comes with a chauffeur (called George ) who talks and burps and breaks wind – it’s just SO much awesome for 15 L !

ArisAris NEW! Indyra Tote bag

Onto some new releases from ArisAris (it’s a mixed bag I know I know) Totally love this suit, Chanel inspired jacket sits over a pair of leather look pants. You can get the jacket in various colours but the pants are always black. Lovely details at the ankle with a zipper placed at the side. Making yet another appearance is my tote bag from Indyra, this time in a scrummy woodbine tone.

ArisAris NEW! (complete with boots)

Another bundle of newness from ArisAris is this dress and boots affair…its crazzzzzylegs delicious huh?!  Semi sheer top to the dress is edgy without being trashy and the boots are almost edibly good.

ArisAris NEW! rear detail view

Check out the intricate details on the back, beautiful tiny buttons at the centre really set the look off and as always you find the ArisAris label hidden away – a sign of quality !

ArisAris mainstore

ArisAris market place store

Windsong market place store

Indyra mainstore

Indyra market place store

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