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Boho on the cheap (and free)

BoHo Fair- Citrus Sushine maxi dress and floppy hat !

If you havent been to the BoHo Culture Fair yet, pop over and check it out. (ends 31st October btw) Lots of pretties and if you’ve only got a few pennies to spend march right into the Citrus store, 50% off at the moment! (Not sure how long it lasts so dash) This is the Sunshine maxi dress isn’t it just so warm? Beautiful muted orange that’s so right for the season. I’m wearing it with another great buy, the floppy hat, easy to wear and sooper stylish.

Boho Fair Boho shorts & boots - Jester knotted shirt !

I know I know, do the patterns clash? Yup sure they do and I adore the effect. The Boho  Boots and Boho shorts and Jester knotted shirt are all by Citrus. The boots come in other tones and fit so well. I’m not a huge fan of over-the-knee boots but these are darling and keepers for me.

Boho Fair - free maxi dress !!

If you’re looking for gorgeous and free, I have that too ! This muted tone maxi dress is in the Citrus store as a gift, Bared back and a deep vee shaped neckline, glamorous and feminine.

BoHo Fair - sheer blouse and floral jeans - CIRCA floor cushions

There is also a selection of casual blouses and floral print jeans (which make me squeee cause floral prints are scrummmy!) The blouse comes with two options, sheer as I’m wearing, or not sheer. You also get a sweet little bra to add on if you’re a little nipple shy.o.O must mention my cuter-than-cute floor cushions! These are by CIRCA and there are a few to choose from, they were recently at the candy fair but are now available at the main store, A few poses in each, including one for the guys .

Boho Fair -  Citrus 0concord mini calypso top - 50 off !!

Last up for today a mesh mini skirt called concord and a simple mesh cami top …I’ve seen this style of top around quite a bit but this stood out for me with its double layered effect and of course – its boho print !

Citrus Store @ The Boho Culture Fair

Citrus Store main store (some of the boho items are at the mainstore)