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Evil Kittie.

Kissing it with this post (Kiss=keep it simple stupid) because the whole thing is pretty simple a gorgeous mesh jumper and shorts set for FREEEEE.  Zoom in on that adorable Vampire/bat/cute kitty! It haz fangs! need I say more?

CatbatOK just a bit more because it’s not only the jumper but those tweed shorts and they’re pretty excellent as well.  I’m keeping these for sure.  You do have to join the VIP group but even then the group is still free to join so how good is that.  If the LM doesn’t take you straight to where you pick it up you will find this exc outfit on the wall next to the sub board.  Graffitiwear isn’t a shop I pop into often because it’s market is still mainly non mesh but mesh stuff is creeping in and even I found some handy items for my invent (leggings with big holes in them)/