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Come to bed.

bedThis is most definitely an old tatty hand me down sofa bed.  Because it’s tran(non copy) it’s gone through many an AV’s hands and each has left their own mark(stain) on it.

Bed1550It doesn’t fold up into a sofa it remains opened up as a bed.  Has a couple of poses in it (not shown) and also a sex menu however unless they have updated it this is one of the older style menus but really that’s not much of an issue and I might tell you about another SL find to update your furniture at another time (when Faith isn’t looking).  A whole mix furniture, costumes for RP and Fun, bargains etc etc

DamienGroup Gift from Ydea.  Can’t remember if it’s free to join but one look in my invent and I seem to have acquired a number of Group Gifts from them from the past so it seem that they regularly place them out.  This gift includes the jacket, jeans and boots so a complete look.

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