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Please Mind The Mess!

Skin useNo special effects, no fiddling with the picture because when I take a skin shot I like to show the skin how it looks like in SL.  I do however use the Optimal Skin and Prim Windlight setting for my own personal inworld setting.  This Essences latest The Dressing Room Fusion offering called Cho and I’ve chosen the Lait colouring.  A fantastic discounted price of 70Lds and for that you get 4 different eyebrow shades, blonde, Ginger(worn) brown and brunette and 3 different tattoo layers of eyebrow and breast enhancement layer and freckles layer(worn) and SLinks hand and foot appliers.  Thats a lot of “ands” for only 70Lds. No Tango booby appliers but I know you can buy them from her main shop.

The top is E!’s latest group gift and I will have to check but I’m sure I had to pay to join it was just that long ago I forgot but what I didn’t forget is that each month without fail they do put out group gifts so this isn’t one of those shops where you pay and often months go by without getting anything in return.  Slight confession is that I wasn’t going to get this because pink is not my colour but then I realised that with the bright orange hair and with my new skin the colour contrast would look great.  What I didn’t expect was the wearability of this top.  There is a slight subtle flaring at the hem which meant my fav mesh shorts and jeans fitted under the flair.

The hair is one of Clawtooths Called “Doolittle Orange You Glad” and it’s the number 10 because this is one that I picked up from one of the Gacha yardsales.  I will repost the link because I started to work my way though all of the yardsales that are selling the new and some old Arcade gacha items and I’ve picked up a massive amount of bargains because although you’re not supposed to sell the items for more than the face value, apart from the rare ones that is, some people are just happy to get rid of their unwanted items and recoup a bit of money so I’ve picked up a lot of items for 10lds. Just not this hair I paid 50Lds for it and it’s brill. Landmark given for Clawtooths main shop but if you want this hair you will have to check out the Yardsales.

PS the mess is all my furniture left behind when I moved my home.

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