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FLG – mini hunt!

FLG mini hunt chain mesh dress with colour change HUD FREE!

There is a superb little hunt going on at FLG currently…you have to find a little red gift box and some are REALLY tiny! Join the group first (free join) so when you hunt a box down you can click it and the prize magically appears in your inventory. My favourite gift was this gorgeous dress above, it’s a lovely shape & fit and such fabbo detailing with the chains and studs on the bottom. It also comes with a HUD with five dress colours and two options for the chains.

FLG mini Hunt my fav jeans rose print FREE!

I also managed to find these pink’ish toned rose-covered mesh jeans. These will definitely be a keeper ! The shoes are part of the outfit below…

FLG FREE! Complete outfit - group gift- mesh skinny jeans- shoes and tshirt

Which is the latest group gift, you get the skinny pink jeans, the shoes which are totally adorable and sooper easy to adjust to your skin tone, plus the sweet non – mesh tshirt, whats not to love?! There are quite a few more prizes hidden and as you know I’m totally useless at finding stuff, so you will probably have better luck than me – fingers crossed ! (btw Guys – I found a pack of mens mesh tanks that looked fab – so stuff for you too)


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Fully Dressed (The Homeless Hunt Freebie)

Cross ProseddAnother great freebie donation for The Homeless Hunt.  Again wonderful to see plenty of items for the men of sl and one of them is the shape (only) I am wearing. Excellent that Markel Shapes has left this freebie  modifiable and copyable because no matter how much you pay for your shape everyone tweaks it to suit their preference or for  a certain outfit.  All I tweaked was the lips, I made them a tad thinner.  If you like the whole look then with each shape comes a styling card so you know where to get the hair/skin/eyes etc from.

shape useTo let you see the full effect I had to semi strip.  Love the shape, it’s a great in between a boyish shape and that gorilla shape beloved by (too) many and not by me.  Excellent shoulders and not the slopes that the slimmer shapes seem to have, the biceps are muscly but not overly so.  Sadly no demos but find this hunt item or pick up one of the really reduced ones and if they’re as good as I believe they will be then you can go for the more expensive ones and know it’s not going to be a dud.  His shops are arraigned an enclosed courtyard/shopping area as seen in the first photo.  So what your looking for it a box and just to make you work for it the people involved can not only change the size of the box but also the texturing.  There is also some seriously discounted shapes in the 49Lds Sale for Dudes plus some old items priced at 99Lds.  A selection of womens shapes as well.

Special Mention to Skittles In The Pit. This iis an SL organization that is trying to raise awareness not only in SL but RL about Mental Health Issues and other things.  They have created a very interesting Inworld place for people to come and find out more about the way they can help and help they can get.  Loads of RL and SL info.  I know a lot of people will instantly think “how can someone access SL without the internet which means they must have a home?” a lot of people in our lives can be the “hidden homeless” is couch surfing and we just don’t know it.


Skittles In The Pit (a place to find help)

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Beat those Budget blues

PARADISIS - Budget outfit Marie 59L NEW!

Paradisis is launching  brilliant new idea to help all us fashionistas ! There is going to be a new line of outfits a “budget” busting range. The outfits will be just 59L a set and if this first release is anything to go by, they will be outstanding value! Above is the first set , called Marie, and wowser not only is it sooooo pretty to wear all together, think about the mixing & matching action with all the items as separates.

You get the mesh plaid skirt, shoulder slot mesh top with sweet logo…mesh gloves andddd long socks/stockings – I LOVE ! I knowwww I will wear the sweater top out with jeans ..and the skirt with its stud detail is just delicious..what a great idea – thanks Paradisis ❤

Paradisis Store

Paradisis market place store (demo available)

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She sells sea shells..

H.E.D - NEW! Chevron mesh dress

I have a lovely dress to share this morning…its bright & breezy and comes in an array of colours. I’m wearing the multi toned version which I just adore !. H.E.D is a new-to-me store so I swung by earlier and scoped it out. Prices range from 50L to 85L so very affordabubble. Guys I noticed a really cool sweater top there for you also. I really liked how this shape of dress accentuated my curves, I tend to wear quite a small petite shape for blogging, as it fits most mesh shapes easily. Trouble is that seems to make me ironing board flat! Not so with this little frock, it gave me shape and a waist and a verrrrrry pinchable butt.

H.E.D - Free mesh dress

Also grabbed up a free gift while I was visiting, love love LOVE the dipped hemline on this and the printed on belt is a lovely group to join just buy for zero lindens…sweet !


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Faith’s bit of rough (The Homeless Hunt).

Hunt gift poseThis pose is a great gift for the Homeless Hunt from elephante poses.   Even if you’re not a blogger but like to take a decent picture then the trick is the pose (and the windlight settings of course).  Elephantine is packed with them and very reasonably priced and I should know as I have a whole folder of poses from here.  This is a his n her pose and I love the fact that the “pose balls” are in the shape of musical notes which makes them much prettier if you want to leave them out.  Rest assured that the box you’re looking for it easy to find and I can only hope that the other hunt items that have been placed out here are just as easy to find because you can never have too many excellent poses.

WhateverThe hoodie that I’m wearing in both pictures is yet again a Homeless Hunt item.  It says “university of whatever” and I was hoping that this was Unisexed but it’s not, so lucky for the boys and boo hoo for the girls because it’s shop quality.  Great fit, great texturing, great look. Comes from American Bazaar so I’m not suprised .  A real good 50/50 mix of men and women’s clothes and more than reasonably priced.  There is a very preppy spring shirt jumper for only 89Lds! a bargain at twice the price so I’ve loaded up with demos and when I’ve had some quiet time I’m trying them on and going to treat myself.

Special mention to the burning barrel. Another The Homeless hunt item (I wasn’t able to squeeze in the flickering TV).  What suprised me most wasn’t the quality of this and the TV but from who donated it.  Tempest Jewel owns Tempestuous which is as far away from people getting warm over a burning barrel.  He shop is all bling, bridal and rich.  However since I grabbed myself a couple of items from there I will do a little bit more about her shop soon.

Elephante (pose)

American Bazaar


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Market Day

Bubblez NEW!

I love going to the Farmers Market on a weekend, I always have a gossip, meet up with friends and come home with a bag full of full-to-the-brim-goodness treats ! Sounds boring you think? Trust me on this dolls, the Farmers Market is theeee place to peruse hot & hunky men ! Anyyyyhooo, I tend to make sure I’m looking sweet and this ensemble from Bubblez would be just purrrfect for a wander around on market day. Dainty and feminine with an exposed midriff to add eye appeal. I adore the puffed sleeves and laced front on the blouse and the pink plaid really gives it the “awww” factor. Thanks Milo ❤


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Lisp Aris Aris

I’ve been meaning to show you all this new outfit from ArisAris but kept on getting distracted by my new SL home that needed stuffing with furniture etc. Its a two piece which is great as it makes it more versatile ! Sharp pinstripe tailoring on the long flared high-waisted pants. Love the oversized buttons ! The blouse is all crisp and white with coordinating pinstripe inserts and a winged collar style, totally different from everything I’m seeing around currently ! Nipped over to the Lisp bazaar 10L garden and grabbed up this scrummy lip smacker couch and bowler hat lamps, both 10L of course – great place to pick up decor items to brighten your home.


Lisp Bazaar 10L garden