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In – Somnia

Somnia NEW!

All this hot weather, we English folk are So not used too it. I can’t sleep and keep getting up late each morning gah! Annywayyy enough about my sleeping habits and on to the good stuff right? Squillions of new pretties from Somnia (see the tentative link?) Above I’m wearing the newwww fantabulous thick cord  effect “Floozy bandit” shorts, gawd I lurve these. They also come with an optional big chunky ole belt in black or brown. I teamed the shorts up with another new release the Fizzy Curves t-shirt, so wearabubble and cute and heaps of colour options! The t-shirt is at the main store, the shorts are at The Thrift Shop event and a brilliantly low price of 95L ! For that paltry 95 bucks you get TEN colours ! (back to full price afterwards)

Somnia - NEW!!

I soooo adore this new dress “Tied up Tigs”, its casual and adorable, can be worn as a dress, or over pants / leggings, so versatile! Nine colours in the pack for an incredible 95 L *faint*, ohhhh while you’re there try your luck on the gatcha mahine, sooper sweet tanks with cartoon motif’s on for only 20L !! The Thrift Shop is pretty huge, pro-tip for finding Somnia, stand at the front and look approx four rows over from right to left.

Somnia main store

Somnia @ The Thrift Shop