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Slice of lemon in my G & T

Piddlers Perch group gift - home pub - Citrus new release mesh dress 99L

Got a superb gift through yesterday from Piddlers Perch, this is the “Home pub”, which I think sounds more like some beer stained – sticky floored grungy thing…and this is most certainly not that! You get a lovely stripped wood bar counter, with wine stored underneath, wine, glass, rack of more wine and on and on. Plus two stools that have some totally adorable poses in ! I seem to recall the group is free to join, but it was simply age ago I joined !

Citrus NEW! 99L

Also another new release from Citrus hoohah! This little number is out and instore today for just 99L, ooodles of colours available. Its got a sooper shape too it, halter neck that exposes plenty of cleavage, body skimming and a zip that runs from bewbs to hemline, whats not to like?!

Piddlers Perch