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I dont know what Im talking about BUT its fun !

bitch Maxwell Graf for WE 3 RP NEW!

I got chatting to Maxwell Graf this morning about his clothing etc, and it turns out that he’s just released some role play items for this “WE ❤ RP” event. Now, if you know me, you’ll know that I’ve not really got into any form of role play at all. Its something I’ve always fancied but never got the guts to do? Anywayyy, when I saw what he’d made I got sooper excited to try it on ! Above I’m wearing the chain maille doublet top, its mesh and comes in various sizes and colour tones. It’s also made in the new materials mode, which makes it extra fab to look at. You can wear this on its own, or with a set of the arm bracers that are sold separately and in various materials.

bitch. for WE 3 RP - chainmail sleeved doublet and armour arms rigged & non rigged NEW!

Have to say, I enjoyed the look, and after touring around the event I was sensing a need to spend a lot of cash. Theres so much variety of role play represented. From Gor to fairies, mermaids, elves, and more ! Go take a peek, it’s a pretty place to mooch in and the shops are spread out in separate builds amidst the trees. Thanks Maxwell ❤