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It may be raining outside…(free stuff)

In SL it’s still Summer.  Didn’t think I needed yet another simple cotton summer style dress till I tried on the Demo from !gO and I had to have it.  Just sweet and young looking Summer Dress with a lot of adult clevage showing.  This is one that is hidden in with the other colours and is set out at half price of 111Lds and not the 222Lds that the others are priced at.  !gO’s is packed with “no fail” clothes and to me no fail means great texturing, great pricing, great fit and almost as important clothes which will last a long time in SL’s ever changing styles.

UrbaneaThe hair comes from from Mina.  Called Laura it is a simple swirled bun on top but the colour of this one is so reminiscent of an old fashioned chew we call Fruit Salad in the UK.  Check out my next post for a close up for the streaks.   As always Mina hair comes with a great selection of shades in a pack and an easy to use hud but it’s the colours that make her hair stand out, even the standard browns have strands of shading in them.  This was one of her hairs from the Hair Fair which has now closed down but I will give the LM for her main shop as it’s packed with equally as good goodies.

IGOThis is !gO’s latest GG which if I remember is not free to join but it’s one of the best, along with Sn@tch and Mock they never forget their client base and the monthly GG are shop quality goodies. If you don’t want to join the group (foolish) then if you check out the racks with these crochet tops on it then you will fine the grey one is one of the half priced offers.

IGO2The texturing is so REALISTIC! but don’t take my word for it check out the demos available.  Once you’ve grabbed your goodies then walk outside and check out the washing line and greenhouse.  !g0 has some of the best freebies available and I should know because some of my fave dresses came off that line and I still have them and still wear them.