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Lady in red


CandyMetal FREE outfit - includes dress, shoes,necklace and purse !!


Theres a lovely outfit for you as a group gift at CandyMetal ! The set comprises of a ruffled front mesh dress, matching red leather patent shooz,purse and a necklace…love love LOVE! I’m wearing the dress right now, its definitely a keeper. The clutch bag is red and has rows of metallic studs on the flap, tres chic. The shoes have an easy to use HUD for skin tone and nail colours, perfect , thank you Candymetal!




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I’ve just received the list of the shops and designers who are participating in the Donna Flora fund raising  and the list is VAST!  I think it is probably the longest list of any event I have ever seen in all my years in SL. Kudos to those who must have spent an enormous time organizing all of this because the list alone had my head reeling let alone trying to organise it.  It’s a reflection of how much people hold Squinternet Larnia in their esteem that so many have been so generous in their offerings.

So basically, as far as I know because it hasn’t officially started, shops/designers have placed items out with a certain percentage going towards helping Squinternet Larnia and in some cases all the funds will be donated .  I will put the link to Squinternet’s story so you can see why so many people are feeling for her.

ColourtwoLooking for romance then try Romance Couture a shop packed with froth and froo froo.  Big ball gowns with flowing skirts.  Old fashioned glamour.  3 floors of dresses, shoes and jewels for you to recreate a glamorous look.  Mainly non mesh as you cannot get the liquid look with mesh yet but she does have a small selection of mesh clothes and even a rather good freebie which you can grab at the LM.  The event isn’t open officially till the 25th and so this is just a preview but as soon as it’s open I’ll pop on a reminder.

colourtwo twoBut of course you can go straight to Donna Flora and treat yourself just as I did.  Feminine hooped skirt with matching  “Marie Antoinette” styled hair and matching stockings/socks. Non Mesh sculpted hoop which is easy to edit down the tiny bit I needed to fit better.

Romance Couture

Donna Flora

Donna’s Story

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Sweet Relief

Rain has finally broken through the incessant heat so I’m sheltering inside not from the heat but the rain but it means I can finally blog the Maitreya Sale.  A massive 50- 70% off everything from Top to Tail (hair and shoes and everything else in between).

Mait2Wasn’t an easy shot to take because this comes without a top or even panties! How rude! What it does come with is a more than reasonable amount of stocking shades a total of 12.  One of the great sale items going on at Maitreya the first they have had in 3 years so of course being a massive fan of their clothes and esp their hair I TPed and then TPed back out because “the world and his wife” were there.  Happily now the crush has died down I was able to grab myself some bargains.  This Girdle and stocking set is only a  100Lds of retro satin sexiness. The waist is a seamlessly blended sculpted slightly flared belt.  A beautiful salmon colour with the sheen of satin. Maitreya’s texturing is one of the best.

Mait1A simple body suit but those darker patched on my hips are actually resizeable ruffles which you can wear with or without so it’s a stand alone outfit or a top for jeans or skirt.   It maybe a standard bodysuit but because it comes from Maitreya it’s more than that.  Beautiful texturing, the ruffles are a lovely touch and easily tweaked to change the size.

Both of these items are non mesh and if your still not into mesh then this is the place to pick clothes up which have the quality that stands up so well against mesh.

NolitaThis however is one of Maitreya’s mesh dresses and this as well as another one of theirs is the first mesh dress I owned.  Even at the time it wasn’t the cheapest but it is such an elegant timeless, ageless style that it was worth the Lindens.  Reduced to 225Lds which may still be pricy to a lot of people but of course the mesh items come with demos and trust me grab this one and try it on.  I of course picked a more subtle colour but there is a whole range of shades for all items.

HAIR HAIR HAIR Shouting that out because you must not miss the hair.  Prices slashed to 75 for packs of shades. Amazing hair with hats or scarves, great colouring etc. Not wearing one of their hairs in this photo but I swear I think I now own them all.  LM given for each shop however they’re all together and within easy walking.

Maitreya Clothes

Maitreya Hair

Maitreya Shoes

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Master or Mistress

Antiques Grid Show Hunt - noctis gift 10L

Master or Mistress, [noctis] has the prize for you. I can’t tell you how chuffed I was when I saw these closets were the prize in the Antiques Grid Show Hunt (only 10L per prize). In the box are three versions  – Master Myrtle’s, Miss Myrtle’s and a plain Myrtle mesh one (ohmai just three prims!) The two decorated closets are static, meaning the doors stay as they are, on the empty closet they open , so you can use them and decorate them yourself, fab ! If you look on top of the filled  closets, you might jussssst see hats…and thats the surprise…you also get four ladies straw hats , a bowler hat , a top hat andddd a purse, phew. Dont forget, youre looking for a green’ish book, there should also be a sign up with a hint giver if you get stuck.



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Cooling down

ArisAris NEW! Unven mesh dress

I think I might self combust if this current heat wave doesn’t end soon. No pleasing us Brits huh? ! Just perfect to be fresh in is the newly released mesh dress by ArisAris called “uneven”. It’s primarily pure crisp cotton with a lovely floral  motif running across the body. Delicate touches of lace at the hemline and laced at the back like a corset, its certainly not going to cool the guys down ! Master stroke is the beautiful bow that settles above your derriere…LOVE!

ArisAris store

ArisAris market place store

ArisAris Blog

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Squinternet Larnia

HatSome people manage to pick the best AV names and Squinternet Larnia is one of them but she maybe better know for her shop Donna Flora. If you don’t know that name you’d better get used to it because there is a big push of Slers and others promoting her shop to raise funds for Squinternet.  The reason being is that behind our perfect AVs are equally beautiful but flawed real humans and sometimes life bites you on the butt.  Sadly Squinternet is not well and although we cannot be there as a shoulder to cry on, a helping hand in the home, a picker up of shopping and a bit of a laugh to take her mind off life’s troubles we can however indulge in a bit of retail therapy and in return Squinternet gets a little bit of extra money to go towards helping making life a little bit nicer.  This ISN’T a charity call or even worse a pity call because Squinernet has something a lot of us can never offer and that’s a shop of amazing designs, old, new, retro, funky, out there, basics, period pieces, hats, gems & Jewels and don’t get me started on the shoes!

Hat1So far all I have bought is this hat and that’s only because I just cannot make up my mind on what else to get every time wander around her large beautiful shop I mentally tag everything I want.  Not the cheapest of clothes but honestly you’re not paying for a bog standard repackaged mundane stuff.  Each outfit is well crafted beautifully textured, unique and so feminine.

OH! so I went back to do this write up and grab the LMs and finally chose some other lovelies to treat myself to and this hat has a matching outfit to go with it.  I somehow resisted this but did treat myself to some ribboned shoes and a framed corset dress so watch out for those in my next blogg.

Don’t be put off my the cost! You pay for quality for sure but click around and she does have items from as little as 60Lds and just outside the front door through the gates are the dollarbies and old gifties.

Read more of her story here.

Buy her stunning clothes here.

Donna Flora Land

Donna Flora Sky

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Forget the Teddybears picnic

Antiques Grid Show - MaMia Picnic set gift

Oh those Teddies have all the fun…why not treat your bunneh instead! I had some time to visit one more of the stores in the Antiques Grid Show hunt and dropped into MaMia – wowser I had no idea when I found the prize it would be SO massive. This is a whole picnic set….I mean seriously…you couldnt possibly want for more. The rug is beautifully made and has heaps of different patterns to choose from within the easy-to-use menu. You also get a veritable banquet of food and drinks. Most items dispense wearable food & drinkies, but check it ALL…some are kinda surprising ! I touched the wine bottle, was expecting a glass to wear but got a corkscrew and bottle to wear that animated me struggling to uncork the red wine  – brilliant. There are poses for both sexes, it seats up to four. Each prize is only 10L, such a great deal, to help you locate the item follow the golden sun’s on the floor.


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