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Borking SL

BorkingYup thats me.  That is the black skin I wear when I know the sim I am going to will be packed like the Love Donna Flora event.  I take off everything so really I’m walking around in the NUDE! However I might not have to wear it next time I go to LDF because Linden Labs  have upgraded the sim and the event holders have now set a limit on how many people can be on the sim at one time.  It may mean a little wait till a gap opens up but it’s WORTH IT.  A reflection of the quality and variety of items there is shown by how many people have bought things and in such a relatively short time a substantial amount of money has been raised.  Now all I need is for Linden Labs to give me a kick start because SL is hatin on me! Even the trick or treat Gacha from LISP gave me a trick balloon:-( instead of a treat.

UrbainBecause I’m struggling to TP, rezz clothes, send messages and on and on I decided I would use these 2 photos.  Not because there is anything wrong with them at all but I didn’t take one of the back of the hair.  What I will do is when SL works again I will use this hair again so you can see what it looks like from behind.

Urbaine 2The hair comes from Tableau Vivant and is another Love Donna Flora offer.  Brilliant to see that not only is all the money going towards LDF but she hasn’t stinted on the packs.  Full colour packs with additional flower accessory and in these packs you get 3 different sizes for normal, inplants and big boobies.  The flower has 4 colour choices but the hair Hud comes with a generous 14 colour .  A medium thickness hair with the curled tendril down the front. The side of it has a lose plait which keeps it tucked over your shoulder.  You can just see it in the first picture.  Colour packs from browns to blondes with packs of ombre style hair so basically a colour pack for all tastes.

Love Donna Flora

Tableau Vivant