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Boo Hoo!

I finally managed to find these trouser because I had forgotten to rename them and they got swallowed up in the chasm that I call my inventory.  So I popped them on and then popped back to Cloe/Censored to make sure they were still on sale and not only are they still there but the prices have been slashed.  In fact all the prices have been slashed to just 4oLds so on the one hand I was happy to pick myself up some great shoes, a couple of hairs, a skin, a gacha item and all the group gifts I wanted and then on the other hand I “boo hoo’d” at the items I’d bought at full price previously.

Pants UseThe trouser is bright colours bleeding into themselves, pulled down on one hip with a big fat bow attachment and one also on the behind, non mesh but I’m not sure if the bows are or sculpted.  The back of the trousers is also lace texturing unlike the front, not the tarty flesh flashing type of lace but a good texture contrast to the front but with the same colouring.  A choice of 4 colourings.

BoatZσє (Princesacindy Bravitz) has quite a selection of (free to join) group gifts of which top this is one.  A mesh summer striped tops and looked just great with a skirt, shorts or a bikini bottom.  I picked up another top like this but with a slashed back and then scored a dress from the Group Lucky Chairs .  The bargains just kept on comming.

Round 11Recycling this the photo from an old post but since it shows off not only the undies but also the hair and hair dryer and now everything is only 40Lds each.  Worth it for the undies alone and yes I still have everything I am wearing. A lovely selection of a bit of everything and some lovely summer fresh colours and patterns.

So not only does she have a very generous sale going on if you TP to the Group Gifts, discount section etc you can pick up quite a few treats.  The skins don’t come with demos, but again at 40Lds so what, what I liked about them is that they have that more realistic look.  Some have quite reddened noses like you have the sniffles and I’ve bought one and tucked it away for when even SL moves back into the colder wintery months and I can wrap up warm with my reddish nose.

Almost forgot to mention some Lola Tango boobies tops available.

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