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Its Bikini weather !

Citrus mesh bikini mix n match NEW!

Sooper glad that Citrus have released a whole Ocean of bikinis for us to get tangled up in . Seriously, there is a massive amount to choose from, patterns, plains and ohmaiiiiiLORD…different coloured strings to tie them up with, shhh I need to lie down and be fanned ! Anyyywayy, here Iam…always the glamour icon huh? I plumped for a flamingo covered bikini…great fit…no gaps…easy peasy I’m ready for the beach. I knowwwwww you’re dying to hear where I found the swimmin hat right? Welllll it was only 5L…and it made me  giggle so I got it…brilliant! It’s also colour change with the biggest array of colours you could wish for…a bargain if ever there was.

Citrus mesh workout gear FREE! Summer sandals with colur HUD FREE!

While you’re there slap up the group join board (its free) and grab yourself this workout set of jogging pants and crop top (there’s even a set for the guys yay!) and also these terrifico woven sandals, nifty little things, no messing with skin tones or alpha layers, feet in and you’re ready to choose which of the many colours supplied in the HUD…simple & perfect, a sure-fire keeper for moi. Thanks Sejher ❤

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WarHead swimming cap