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My Indecision

coldLogic NEW!!! Hartzell to campbell shorts ebony

o.O gawd…I’m all sideswiped by the latest coldLogic release. SO many shorts, SO many styles, SO many fabrics, SO little time to wear them all ! As I’ve rifled my way through the new releases…I swear my neighbours will think I have enrolled in the Darth Vada school of breathing. I’ve been squealing and gasping at every new item…sooooo I think my new fav shorts might be the “campbell” ones…but there again ! I dunno Im a traditionalist, each summer in real life I dig out my old denim shorts…cause…well…for me they ARE summer?So I gravitate towards the denim ones…all shades..Im not fussy (although I do have a weakness for the old light blue ones like above) I’ve teamed the shorts with a doozy of a top…the “hartzell”, its got a fabbo diamond pattern on the front and a fancy smancy criss cross style strap thing going on at the back. You could wear this as part of a smart/posh outfit, its pretty flexible, gotta love that! Thanks coldLogic team ❤

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