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Water Sports

SwollenCouple of picture rules broken here.  We don’t normally use wide pictures but I had to squeeze the lot in because how sexy is this lot of water crafts.  The boat I have blogged before but I’ll give you a brief description.  Comes from MLCC (Motor Loon Custom Cycles) and this model is called Looneta, amazing attention to details, comfortable kitchen, living room, bedroom, work desk, even a toiler and all  packed with poses, easy to use texture editing pack and all of that for a tiny 31 prims.  I’m not a boating person but since I bought this it’s been rezzed on my land and will be remaining there for as long as I have water.  If your tempted then there is a whole lot of photos of this boat on my Flickr and I’ll pop the link down on the bottom but this is a boat you have to see in SL in person to see how cool it is.

Swollen1WEEEEE.  Another photo rule bent here.  Usually we like to show the items as clearly as possible but I just wanna have fun. 2 Different styles of  Jet Skis both have a menu but you have to be standing on it to operate the menu which allows you to change the speed and colour of your craft. Long gone are the days when land and water vehicles  were so unwieldly that you would spend most of your time crashing but since they come from EoD (End Of Daze) then you wouldn’t really expect them to crash and I’ve had a lovely time pottering around on them.  Perfectly proportioned, sleek, easy to handle, low prim.  Both Vs1 and V2 come with a menu choice of 6 colours, 2 sits, a choice of speed.  The Jet Skis are on the wall outside but you must pop in to check out the furniture n stuff cos it’s all great quality, slim, unfussy, well textured and attractive.

Now for the OMG factor because I tried to find a sim to ride the jet skis over to check out how well they did on sim crossing and sorry I didn’t find a suitable area to try it out but what I did find was LOADS of boating sims packed with the all the boats from Motor Loon.  Looks like I’m not the only one in love with his qualities.

MLCC (Boat)

EoD (End Of Daze)


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Dream On!

I wishI’m English so I’m going to moan about the weather.  It’s the middle of Summer and I’m sat in my living room under a throw with the fire on.  The picture above is what I should be doing at this moment.  Until then I will have to settle for some SL fantasy fueled by an unexpected Sub gift and hair I forgot I had.

Snapshot_004In my need for a bit of sunshine I may have gone a bit heavy on the sun setting in this photo but what the heck.  The hair is from Mina and is called Silvia.  Can’t remember buying it but where ever it’s come from I adore the juicy colouring.  Each pack comes with a colour hud so this and all of her hairs come with a lovely selection in each pack.

Snapshot_010The outfit I am wearing I almost didn’t open because it’s another “Romper” outfit and I should imagine we all have plenty of them but because it came from LMD (Leri Miles Designs) and I know that shop contains such quality well textured outfits I thought I’d check it out.  Sweet, more like a retro bathing suit and if you look closely you can see the knitted pattern.  Just a handy little outfit that you can wear loitering on a beach and if you want to pop somewhere to check something out you wouldn’t have to change.   That’s the great thing about Sub or Group gifts as it acts as a reminder to pop in and see whats new and at the end of the month I’m popping back to grab a couple of new items she has as they’re so lovely. fresh and summery.  Until then if your strapped for cash then like me grab the Endless Summer giftie (the hint given is “Look for the bunny”) easy peasy and if you find it it’s a crisp green mesh summer dress.

Mina I decided to check out Minas main store to check it out and she has created a beautiful sim for people to enjoy.  Half beach and half fields, very pretty and very photogenic so I decided to take a snap of this hair, Veerlie, in my normal Nam skin and prim setting so you get to see one of the colours in more normal lighting.  This is on special offer at The Deck so it’s under a 100ld.  She’s stinted on the price but not the colour hud options.

Mina @ The Deck

Mina Mainstore

LMD (Leri Miles Design)

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Bathing beauty

Candymetal Free gift - mesh swimsuit, bag , necklace, shoes & skin FREE!

CandyMetal has once again stunned me with the generosity of their gifts! I was bowled over by this set that’s out at the moment and totally free ! In the box you receive a summer skin that’s really sweet and delicate (I added a makeover from MOCK, just to add a little more colour in the face) , you also get a mesh bathing suit…lovely shape and fit…plus two necklaces one white one navy blue…thats not all….

Candymetal Free gift - Mesh swimsuit,skin,necklace,sandals, & bag FREE!

You also will find a brilliant pair of sandals and a bag ! Just pop over to the main store and collect, brilliant – thanks Emychan <3. Btw incase you’re wondering, my gorgeous hat is by Eclectica, it’s a recent release and has hardly been off my head since I received it. Sooo many options for hat colour, flowers colour etc its a MUST for summer !



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HUG MEEEE (I dare you!)

My Attic @ The Deck has reopened it’s doors and yet again this is one of the places to go and score TOP CLASS goodies at seriously discounted prices.  Shoes, hair, skin, poses etc and everything under a 100Lds.  I never miss this discount shop because the bargains are just too good.

Cardie UseLet me mention the cardie (English for cardigan) first because I mentioned it in my last post.  Comes from Blueberry and is now in the discount section for only 99Lds.  A choice of colour and I of course chose the browny/beige.  Great fit, great texturing with a small hood at the back and a satin ribbon at the waist (you have 2 choice colour for the ribbon).  So wearable and so handy. So if you’re popping into Blueberry to grab the Free Group Gifts or the hunt item at least grab the demos for this so you can see how good it is.

Hair 1 use

Now check the hair.  This one comes from Ploom and is called Kat.  I chose the Candy shades which has a massive 18 choices of colours!  An easy to use hud and such a variety of shades.  The one I have has graduated colouring but there are many other fat packs for more colours.

Cat use

Same hair just another colour choice.  Comes with a starfish decoration which of course you can choose not to wear.  Love it’s swirlyness.

Hair 6use

Frothy fluffiness. This hair comes from Exile another top-notch hair shop.  I don’t go there often because I inevitably walk away with more hair and less lindens in my account so when the chance comes to grab one of their hairs at such a great discount I’m first in the line.

Hair use 11Lovely dramatic colouring which is also still pretty subtle.  This one also comes with such a handy hud, I remember once having a fat pack of one hair in the whole 280 shades so I for one LOVE huds because it means you have less hair to clog up your invent but also a great variety of colour.  This comes in a total of 8 shades.  This is called Live Every Moment and I bought the Wild Fusion shade pack.  Best of all is both hairs come with demos in ALL of the colours so you don’t have to guess which ones will suit you best.

My Attic @ The Deck

Ploom Main Store

Exile Main Store

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Irresistable & Free

Granny's Nook kitchen (mesh) Thaino Designs

I’m a lost cause…I really can’t look at stuff without buying it…especially when its something for the home. I was actually looking at new homes but along the way I spied this charming range style cooker in Thaino Designs. Couldnt believe it’s just nine prims and only cost 160L *faint*.  It now stands pride of place in my SL kitchen. The pots and pans, oven mitts and fry up are all included yay! You can also get a few other pieces to go with this, prices are around 50L per item.

Thaino Designs Group gift

On the way out I joined the group (free to join) and snapped up the group gift, it’s this sweet birdy house with nest & eggs and brightly coloured birds…dont forget to wander outside, there are a few homes on sale and heaps more decor, all so reasonably priced.

Thaino Designs

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Its written in the stars

Freebie American Bazarr Clara mesh dress FREE!

OhHaiii! I’ve got some lubberly jubberlies to show you! This nifty little dress is by American Bazaar, it’s called Clara and is 100% mesh…really fab styling, jetted pockets and a sharp thin belt set it off nicely…its also 100% freeee!

STC Nora mesh dress FREE!

Another freebie to get your paws on is the latest subscribo gift from Sweeter Than Candy, called Nora….lovely leaf print all over in a darling baby blue tone. My necklace is from Eclectica, its part of a set which comes with earings & a ring. I found it in the discount section for a ridiculously low price…didnt know Eclectica had a discount section! Some heavenly deals in there – go check it out!

Bubblez NEW! - Vanilla skirt & top NEW!

Last up is a newwww release from Bubblez ! “Vanilla” is a skirt and babydoll top combination. Love sets, means added flexibility…I tried the top on with jeans, looked brill…the skirt also goes well with a multitude of t-shirts & tops I already own. A mad combo of spots and flowers which just WORKS ! Thanks Milo ❤


American Bazaar dress

Sweeter than Candy


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Topless Photos!

RaspYup I bet that got you looking.  My excuse is that because of busy RL these excellent Freebies have been sitting and waiting since Monday to be posted so I took the best shots I could and in this case since I wanted you to see close up the lovely details I took it “topless”.

IceThe skirt is the Freeness in this picture but that stunning coat was a FLF goodie (Fifty Lindens Friday) the reason we don’t blog FLF is because the goodies are up for such a short time we wouldn’t really be able to do them justice but you’d be a fool not to either join the FLF group or at least slap the Sub board for one of the shops which regularly promote their items through it and then you will get the note sent out with that Fridays list.  The jacket is from Drift and it’s so super cool and ice cream colours that at whatever price is is now back up to it’s worth it.  Special mention to the fact that it’s an excellent Alpha fit no gaps. The skirt is the Freebie mesh with a tie in the front which makes it more of a sports/exercise looking skirt but again the colour match to the jacket was just so good so I thought I would team them together.

BrownAnd yet another skirt freebie but check out that adorable mesh see through top.  Thats a Freebie from A&C Sweet.  New shop to me and again I’ve not had much of a chance to scout around the shop but I did notice it’s BIG on the Boobies so Lola fans out there need to check it out for sure.

TopYup another skirt.  OK so all the skirts come from Blueberry and apart (from the last white one, it has a light grey pin stripe) are free to join Group Gifts the last skirt is Blueberry’s  “Endless Summers Hunt offer and in fact now I’ve gone back to get the LM she does actually have 2 boxes out so looks like that not only can you grab all the excellent shop quality Free to join Group Gifts but also 2 hunt items.  Don’t worry if you don’t need more skirts because there is a total of 11 group gifts out inc tops and dresses (group gifts in the back of the discount dept). Happy to pass on the hunt clue as it’s freely given so it’s “don’t forget to check out all the counters” but also don’t forget to check out the whole shop because this is real good quality stuff

PS. My next blogged item with also be from this shop as I was happy to find that a cardie that I had wanted on a previous visit is now in the discounted section and I will also be doing the new hair do in Ice Cream photo.

Lenox and Blueberry

A&C Sweet