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Topless Photos!

RaspYup I bet that got you looking.  My excuse is that because of busy RL these excellent Freebies have been sitting and waiting since Monday to be posted so I took the best shots I could and in this case since I wanted you to see close up the lovely details I took it “topless”.

IceThe skirt is the Freeness in this picture but that stunning coat was a FLF goodie (Fifty Lindens Friday) the reason we don’t blog FLF is because the goodies are up for such a short time we wouldn’t really be able to do them justice but you’d be a fool not to either join the FLF group or at least slap the Sub board for one of the shops which regularly promote their items through it and then you will get the note sent out with that Fridays list.  The jacket is from Drift and it’s so super cool and ice cream colours that at whatever price is is now back up to it’s worth it.  Special mention to the fact that it’s an excellent Alpha fit no gaps. The skirt is the Freebie mesh with a tie in the front which makes it more of a sports/exercise looking skirt but again the colour match to the jacket was just so good so I thought I would team them together.

BrownAnd yet another skirt freebie but check out that adorable mesh see through top.  Thats a Freebie from A&C Sweet.  New shop to me and again I’ve not had much of a chance to scout around the shop but I did notice it’s BIG on the Boobies so Lola fans out there need to check it out for sure.

TopYup another skirt.  OK so all the skirts come from Blueberry and apart (from the last white one, it has a light grey pin stripe) are free to join Group Gifts the last skirt is Blueberry’s  “Endless Summers Hunt offer and in fact now I’ve gone back to get the LM she does actually have 2 boxes out so looks like that not only can you grab all the excellent shop quality Free to join Group Gifts but also 2 hunt items.  Don’t worry if you don’t need more skirts because there is a total of 11 group gifts out inc tops and dresses (group gifts in the back of the discount dept). Happy to pass on the hunt clue as it’s freely given so it’s “don’t forget to check out all the counters” but also don’t forget to check out the whole shop because this is real good quality stuff

PS. My next blogged item with also be from this shop as I was happy to find that a cardie that I had wanted on a previous visit is now in the discounted section and I will also be doing the new hair do in Ice Cream photo.

Lenox and Blueberry

A&C Sweet