Scrumping is an old English name and it’s usually kids gathering apples off trees (usually not theirs) and that’s exactly what you have to do at Apple May Designs (AMD).  Lots and lots of apples have been placed out, a total of 16, 8 for men and 8 for women.  Each priced at a measly Linden but watch out because there is a lot of Decoys set out as well.

Apple UseLavish in name and Lavish in texturing and fit. I had already tried on this demo and wondered if I should buy it and put it in my “wish list” folder so to get it for a mere Linden has made my SL day. The fit is divine, no gap at the boobs, no tearing of mesh when you walk and the colour is deep and deliciou.  A brilliant offer from Apple May.

apple Use`I’m wondering if this is the same purple as the first dress but if it is you can see how deep the colouring is.  Lower your eyes from the Boobies (lola Tango outfit) and look at the waist line. You can see the creasing, when a designer/shop/person uses texturing that is so detailed you can see ruffles, pleating and creases you know this is good stuff.  Lola Tango ready as well as a few other tops I picked up before I logged off.  Of course looks equally a lovely without the tangos of course.

I still have clothes that I purchase from Apple May years ago because the quality and wearabilty means they have lasted but it’s nice to see that they have now got a foot firmly planted in the mesh dept but also equally as good quality non mesh clothes.  A big skin and shape dept also but I’ve not tried any of those demos out which I may do when I pop back to see what else I can grab for free.

Apple May(AMD) Ladies

Apple May (AMD) Men