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Faith blogged the funny Gacha chair and the free seriously low primed unique  record case and I blogged a so pretty off the shoulder pastel dress and a really cheap skirt and jumper set and yet I missed posting about this cute mesh freebie.

cornerYou actually get 2 dresses in the pack a black version and this beige polka dot one.  Just simple to wear and cute and FREE.

cornSo I popped back to La Petite Fleur to make sure all  the lovely freeness is still available and it is.  You don’t even have to be a group member to grab them all but you never know the offers you may get if you do join. This second dress isn’t free but at 30Lds it may as well be.  A simple and sweet dress, great bright blooms, bow at the shoulder and slight runching at the hem.  Affordable, wearable just like most things in their shop.

If you have a very limited budget then don’t fret because there is a few more free outfits and 2 LBs and whilst your waiting for your initial to come up you can sit in the lovely cafe, garden setting outside.

La Petite Fleur

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