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Patience Pays

I was getting messages through the Vita Boudoirs group calling out LC initials which surprised me as she doesn’t have a LC or LB in her shop but oh yes she does, at least for the moment. Since I had a massive amount of old notes to go through I plonked myself next to the LI (lucky Island) and waited.  Since there  was never less than a dozen other people stood there is didn’t take that long for me to grab a fun wearable tropical island, a bikini to match and a lovely summer head-dress.

Print1I’m not wearing the island in this photo I rezzed this one my land and then picked a pose out of my invent because I wanted you to get a good shot of the bikini and the pose that comes with this wearable didn’t do the fruityness of the bikini justice.  So when you wear it your sat sprawled on the deck chair soaking up the sun.  As it happens the island itself is approx 53 prims so if you live on a very wooded, grassy sim and you want a patch of sand and you have some free prims this would be a fun thing.  What you can’t see is that the island also sits in a puddle of water and a sharks fin circles around you which is why you get the sign warning you not to feed the shark.

The Tropical bikini is mesh and you get the corsage and hair flower as separates a nice addition to you accessories.

Print 2Squealed when I saw the budgie and then squealed some more when I realised there was 2 of them and they’re kissing!  This is the Summer head-dress which is just gorgeous.

I’ve blogged Vita’s Bouidor many a time and will do so again.  A Real Life designer who has brought her designs into SL so each piece is full of imagination and uniqueness. A selection of costumes, ethreal plants landscaping and gorgeous furniture all with that something that makes them different but it’s the clothes which will make you stand out from the rest.

Now if you don’t have the patience then you can actually see what items are in the LC and purchase them instead of waiting. If I remember the bikini is a 100Lds but the rest I’m not sure of but again since Vita has a lot of fans that LC changes pretty often you stand a good chance winning sooner than you think.


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