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The Challenge – its Industrial strength !

The Challenge - Industrial - Cleo Design

A new round of The Challenge begun a few days ago..Ive been a bit of a slow poke due to real life stuffage…BUT…I do have some bits to share with you today. This months theme is “Industrial”, I wasnt sure what to expect those wily designers to come up with ! Doesnt sound very girly swirly, however, you never know whats gonna pop out of their minds.Ive tried to squeeeeze in as much of the bedroom set by Cleo Design as I can ! It’s a ginormous set, with a brilliant bed crammed with great poses…theres a linen basket, wall art, posters, and….

The Challenge - Industrial - Cleo Design side table part of bedroom set

…the most adorable bedside cabinets. I especially liked the corroded/ aged look of the hinges on these. One touch and the top and lower door swing open, one has a few decor items already inside (which are not hard linked so you can remove them to save prims!).

The Challenge - Industrial - Cleo Design, palette table and decor items (part of set)

There is also a pallette style occasional table, complete with his & hers mugs, magazines etc..and a fully loaded tray with yummies on it.

The Challenge - Kuro pipe lamp - Percent lapfactory chair mfc poses - Studio Sidhe manequin 3 poses and upper body tattoo layer

Lots of new designers have joined The Challenge this month hurrrray! One of them being ” Studio Sidhe”, who came up with this rather unique take on the theme of a manequinn…its not like those ones you stuff in a corner for prettiness, it actually makes YOU the manequinn…and has three different poses contained within , bizarro but neat! In the box you’ll find a tattoo layer to wear that makes you all “manequinny” (that’s SO is a word). Also above is fantastic pipe lamp form Kuro…a real piece of statement style,lights turn on and off and its lowwww prim. The chair is from %Percent, subtle colours on the seat and some brill poses.

The Challenge - Industrial Follow us desk set

FollowUs is also in this month..and as usual a detailed piece is on offer “The Factory Desk”. Its verrrrry masculine, yet I can sit at it and look all professional too. The set comprises of the draughtsman’s desk, which is lovingly faithful to the real life ones. Boxes with decor, a guys jackets slung over the board and a football helmet also. The stool has the poses in it, sooper thing is…its pretty lowww prim too !

The Challenge - Industrial [DDD] Mine set with various tracks and carriages !

Another new designer in this round is Dysfunctional Designs, they have a superb set out for sale , with which you can build your own mine ! Mhmm, all sizes and shapes of railroad track, for the gorgeous little carts (also provided) The carts come full and empty, some have silver, gold or coal . I made up a small section to see how it all worked and fitted together, it was SO simple . Uhm had a little crash at the end of the line though ! Grab these and make an interesting space on your wont eat up your prims allowance as most is only 1- 2 prims a piece .

The Challenge - Industrial - Little House of Curios - My Little Industrial Spot Set - [Breno] find your bearings wall art

Last up for today, a collection of tasty Industrial decor items to spruce up your space. I really love the wall art from [Breno] this round…simple but effective, it says its bearings BUT..I think they also could be pebbles, and I’m going to place this in my bathroom (so there:P). The rest of the items are by another new to this event designer “Little House of Curios”, it’s a big set of separate pieces…a trolley, chair (heaps of great poses) the fan wall art (LOVE it!) and the gas bottle on wheels. This set would look SO fab in a garage or warehouse …btw…big shout out to [bauwerk] whose skybox for this round,  got used to the max for my photos! It’s a fantabulous build, so atmospheric and totally cool textures….only 44 prims !




Cleo Design

Dysfunctional Design


Little House of Curios

Studio Sidhe