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Good Start Good Monday

Decided to be a good and cheap girl this week and find lots of bargains, freebies, hunt items etc and boom straight away I scored.

TabHave to confess and say that I wasn’t going to pick up this hunt item because basically I just thought it was going to be pretty standard, slap on the wrist here because it turned out to be pretty damned good.  A low Turkish table with  low cushions to sit on, bottle and glasses all come to a measly 4 prims but what makes it a more than worthy hunt item is the really decent pose AOs in the cushions.  Women and men poses, smooth simple and flattering.  This item is from The Silk Road Hunt and it’s what looks like to me a small pyramid.

PotsThis is what I was hunting for.  Great texturing just look at the rust patches on the pots.  I would love to have this in my RL garden.  20 Prims maybe a bit of a push but this is a statement piece and would look great on it’s own on a patio area.  For those of you who like to snuggle this even comes with a cuddle menu.  Not tried it out and because I’m a singleton I didn’t want the floating text which show you were to sit showing but inc in the note is a very simple instuctions on how to remove this.  All I can say is if the cuddle menu is as good as the sitting menu in the table it’s worth it. This is The Cookie Jar’s Home & Garden Anniversary Hunt and it’s a bottle of bubbly you’re looking for.

Both items are to be found in Pestique.  3 floors of really good quality textured, designed furniture.  Make sure to check out outside as well.  Lots of menus in items you wouldn’t expect them to have such as the meditaion pool outside but I have to say that on the ground floor in the back (near to the 60Lds weekend offer) is a kitchen island which I’m at this very moment having fun trying out. Male and female poses.  Quick rezzing items and excellent AOs.  Cuddles and cooking menus. She has a Marketplace shop but I would highly reccomend checking out the  inworld shop as sometimes it’s the poses that makes the item good or in this case even better.


Pestique Marketplace

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