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Over Kill!

Bankrupted by bargains but what bargains they are!.  We all know that the BIG Arcade Gacha  event is going on and it’s PACKED.  If you look at the sim on the large map you will see now only is it packed to capacity but the surrounding sims have queues of people waiting to TP in when a gap opens. However getting in is only half the problem because when you do get in it’s usually lag hell but there is another option, The Arcade Yardsale.  Stalls and stalls of the unwanted items just waiting to be snagged up.  All of them are at the same price as the actual event as well so this is just a case of people wanting to get rid of the items they bought but don’t want.

ArcadeThat is going to be me on my next holiday (I lie I’m really a brunette in RL).  Hair (Wasabi Pills) and the adorable ruffled bikini (Paper Doll)

Arcade 2I have this very type writer from Floorplan on the top shelf in my closet so this made me oooooo when I saw it.  Just like many of the items from Gatchas so low primed it’s only 1Prim! You can even change the message typed out.

Arcade 3Posh toast.  This made me take a break from SL and go make myself some toast.  Again only 1 Prim.

Arcade 5The last 2 pictures were taken in my usual Nams skin and prim setting because they just glow the texturing is so first class they just shine like real metal.  The tea trolley is a massive 2 prims (kidding about the massive).  Both come from AP (apple Fall).

Gatcha 6Sorry about the overkill on the picture these items didn’t need it.  Brilliant details and texturing) 3 seperate gachas’ here. Pot with brushes, cute stand with perfume and bangles and the bottles, box and qtips (Tres Blah) and each bundle is only….go on have a guess (answer at the bottom of the  page).

You can pick up anything from a new skin to a funny box car to run some one over with and all for between 25 and 100Lds from some of the bigggest names in SL.  Best of all if you have been lucky enough to visit the main event and have items you didn’t want then simply click one of the big boards there join the group (Little Wonder’s Gacha Yardsale) and put your own stuff out for resale.  Each stall is clearly named as to which shops the items belong to so it’s easy peasy.

BIG THANKS to ღ νєgα ღ (vega.firelyte) she provided me not only with the LM for the Gacha YS but each week she sends out a comprehensive list of sales, events, bargains and anything she spots.  Check her profile, join her group and trust me that list is pretty damned good.

1 Prim each of course!!

Gacha Yardsale

The Arcade Gacha