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Anyone who knows me knows I hate doing “footies” I just can’t do good photos of shoes but check these beauties out.

WedgiesIn RL I love this style of shoe because no matter how high they are you still have a sense of steadiness what you walk, no teetering in these babies!  Easy to use HUD and I have to say that I love the realistic colouring.  They’re on special off at the Designer Circle for the price of 99Lds and I would grab them now because in the shop, Hollyhood, they’re full priced for 250Lds but of course at the Designer Circle you only have one choice of colour so if you want another then the shop is the place to visit.

Whilst your there check out the great bargains right in the entrance. A lovely simple mesh shirt dress and for the same price of 49Lds a choice of 3 wedgies of the same design as the ones from the DC but with cork heels.  The only reason I’ve not bought them is because I’m down to my last 33Lds which means I will be on the hunt for freebies, cheapies and group gifties.

JeansSpeaking of which I joined the Free to join group grabbed the group gifts and then found the Gatchas.  For only 15Lds I got these brilliant shop quality mesh jeans.  Combined with the amazing 10Lds sneakers and free T shirt as cheap as a great outfit can get.


Hollyhood MP

Designer Circle

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Beautiful Sim Beautiful Skin.

You wait forever for one of your favourite skin designers to set out a bargain and then 2 come along at the same time what is a girl to them both of course.

skin2The skin I wear 90% of the time is called Wednesday and it comes from Essences.  Full priced in the shop they cost a pretty penny but if you’re a “canny” shopper like me (canny means good) then you wait for a hunt, LB. or one of the discounted sales which pop up and one of the biggest ones is Fusion where everything is priced from 40-70Lds so you can imagine as soon as I spotted an Essence skin my little AV heart fluttered.  This is Wednesday ll which to me looks almost identical to my skin but with an amazingly bronzed tone.  You get 4 layers but the only difference is the eyebrows so you have Blonde, brown, brunette and ginger eyebrow colours but same skin/eye make up.  Comes with make up a smudgy red/black/brown eye make up look which is so sexy. A large choice of 6 blush layers as well.

Skin 1Just to make this a double whammy I then spotted a YS & YS skin which is another high-end shop so for 70Lds another brilliant find.  This one is called Willow.  2 skins with willow same texturing but one comes with a closed mouthed and if you look closely you can see in the photo the second skin comes with a slightly parted mouth.  Very subtle make up.  Comes with a LOT of tattoo layers for eyebrows, cleavage etc.  You really have to try the demo’s and see which skin  fits your shape and your personality but at 70Lds each you really can’t afford not to pick both up.

Check out YS & YS shop if you want the Lolas to go with your skin (I know I do) and I’m trying to resist a cute pair of Polka Dot shoes she has.

Sim1Stumbled on this gorgeous shopping/visiting sim.  Lots of small shops with quite a few LBs, Group Gifts and just plain interesting items in the same theme as the sim.  Just plain lovely with sitting areas and beautiful views.

Sime2It was the fan which brought me to in the first place. A 60Lds weekend offer from kisetsu so sadly it will have gone back upto full price by the time this is posted (but maybe the owners will be kind/lazy and keep it up there for longer).  A shop packed with gorgeous colourful kimonos and accessories. Once you’ve checked out her shop then step outside and have a wander around a beautiful sim and maybe you too will be lucky enough to pick up some freebies or cheapies if your not tempted by one of her gorgeous kimonos.

The Dressing Room Fusion



Beautiful Sim

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Have you ever?

A lot of people might not know it but Faith and PD had an in world and MP store which ran successfully for many many years.  Sadly over the past year or so this was pushed to the back burner but now the Creative Bug has bitten Faith on the ass and once again she is stood on her platform, rezzing, texturing, shaping and basically making a mess but out of this will come some seriously Super Kawaii items.  Then on my SL meanderings I came across this lovely new shopping area and what I was wondering is have YOU ever thought of setting up a shop or maybe starting small with a little stall. Lots of shops offer excellent Sculpties Full Perm Packs.  If your more Teccie minded then you may even want to try some Mesh.

ShoppingWe all know that sinking feeling when a shop rezzes and we can see instantly from the design of the shop and where it is that it’s going to contain TAT, not even cheap tat just tatty tat but on the other hand when we find a shopping area as lovely, well planned and landscaped like this then we know it is going to attract equally as good quality shops the  area and in fact it was the shop Olive which I came over to check out and that is most definitely a shop that doesn’t sell Tat.  So new that Rose Olive Doe (owner of Olive) hasn’t completely set up for business yet but I can see that this place will be filled soon with stalls and shops stuff with great stuff.

Shopping1So pop over check out the prices and prim allowance for the stalls and shops which are still available and you never know just like Marks & Spencer’s a small stall today a massive conglomerate.

Sugar Falls The Market Place

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Sooper finds !

TOPAZIA- Dessine moi Paris (mesh) sweet blue

A new designer has caught my eye, store is called Topazia…and they have this darling little mesh dress out at the moment….baby blue with a cute Parisienne print on the body…simple and classy, love it ! I headed over to the store and to my surprise there were ooodles of group gifts out. (free join) I stole a few away to show you. My necklace is a new release by Addiction Jewelry…”Sideways Fleur de lis”, two colours of stone, perfect length. This set is pretty big with matching earrings and a special price for Lazy Sunday. My bangles were from a bumper pack of gear from Izzies, there is a box on the front desk priced at 10L, and OMG…itll take you monthsss to go through it all. Clothing (mostly non mesh), lingerie, jewelry, poses, I spied the bangles and dragged them out, can never have enough bracelets right?!

TOPAZIA- gift june - poke me ,im famous

Great (non mesh) jeans and  a mesh cropped sweater. The top has a cheeky slogan that says “Poke me I’m famous”…sweet.

TOPAZIA- Gift balmy evening dress purple gift

I really loved this “balmy evening dress”, another group gift…mesh again…two colours available in it..surprisingly I didn’t take the PINK one *gasp*…this lilac shade was sooo pretty I chose it to show you.

TOPAZIA-Ellya dress Chocoorange group gift FREE!

Last gift I grabbed was this , “Ellya”, mesh snug fitting frock wrap around style…gorgeous choco-orange tones. There were a few more pressies to collect and a vast well spaced store to mooch around. I spotted some lovely pieces and will definitely be returning for a better look.



Addiction Jewelry

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Peace in the crowd

Home & garden expo Shady picnic tree

As with all big events in Second Life, sometimes as you wander around you find some peaceful areas to rest-a-while. If you can’t find them there, grab up a few pretty things and plant them in your own garden…as I did with this “The Olde Shade Tree Picnic Set” by  Roawenwood. It’s rather spectacular, a ginormous tree with a large canopy of leaves to keep you protected from the sunrays…big gnarled roots that ferret away into the earth, surrounded by stones and delicate sprays of flowers. Hidden beneath the tree is a traditional picnic rug, with poses galore for singles & couples….it doesnt get much more perfect does it?!

Home & garden expo Glas homes Natane home 61 prims approx - Two Moons Gardens Cherry Blossom Place

I mentioned this  Natane home by Glas earlier. Here it is in the background. Go take a look at Sandi Glas’s work, the Natane was my favourite as it could be so versatile. Use it as a sky home, or on the ground, it’s very stylish and modern but also works with a setting as above. (61 prims approx) – Two Moons Gardens created this stunning “Cherry Blossom Place”. A winding pathway, bench stuffed full of poses and flowers & trees…everrrrrrywhere!

Home & Garden Expo - Forest Feast trees - various

If like me you’re always looking out for outrageously beautiful trees with barely any prim cost…look at forest feast . They have some amazingly detailed trees for as little as 2 prims per tree, lots of options on them such as glow, colours etc. I made some patches of colour with them around Zan and I’s home sim at Dreamworks, they make such a BIG difference.

The Home & Garden Expo web site for all url’s and info

Look at the web site and go to the tab at the top for ” Exhibitors”. You will find a drop down menu for all the stores at the Expo, listing which sim they are in.

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Tiny scraps of pleasure

coldLogic NEW! Bikini waters in tomato 1

In the middle of a frantic week  I received a few little scraps of absolute pleasure…yesyesyes ! coldLogic have released a whole range of delectabubble bikinis.  I’m wearing “waters” above in a deeelicious shade called tomato…it has meshy side ties and meshy back ties and and and….welllll go SEE it…you will adore. Big range of colours too…I tried it with my big boobies and my little ones…it suits both yay!

coldLogic NEW! Bikini malibu in ivory

I also chose this one to share with you today and its name is malibu…what a style statement ! definitely one for milling around a resort in heels and looking all fashionistic (that’s SO a word). Knew Id be skulking about in this the moment I laid my weary peepers on it…gorgeous side sweep to the top…and rolled over edges to the bottoms. This tone is called ivory, other colours available.

coldLogic NEW! bikini seaside-neapolitan tone

Nothing I like more than posing around at the beach, I usually kneeboard but what the heck, surfboard is cool with me ! This bikini is just adorbs, I soo like this tone , it’s called Neapolitan which is one of my fav icecream flavours yummm! The style is named “seaside”, it feels a lil bit vintage which is SO in for the summer. Lotsa shades to choose from or grab yourself a bargain quantum pack, thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place store

coldLogic blog

Izzies Irene skin worn throughout – 70L TDR Fusion event (demo available)

“LoQ Hair” Con Panna Fat Pack – TDR Fusion event – 70L fat pack (1st photo)

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You wanted more?

Home & garden expo Katys Kreations and RNP animations collaboration - mid century armoire &Percent - Glas Houses hunt clock new

It’s the hot destination later today…get your running shoes on and prepare to get over to the Home & Garden Expo ! (For more info on opening time etc please hit the link for the official website) Soooo onto the goodies…my heart went all melty when I saw this bed from Katy’s Kreations, not only does it look über comfy but it has some totally adorable poses in it. Breakfast in bed, reading the papers and some couple animations. This and the bedside tables are sooper low prim and are a collaboration between Katy’s and RNP Animations, brilliant ! The Armoire is one of my favourite items so far, its by %Percent and just shouts quality ! The finish on this piece is excellent, you almost feel as if you could stroke the wood. Doors open to reveal the interior with storage space for *stuff* . (I will be showing more of this magnificent home by Glas Homes later, its a stunner!)

Home & garden expo Sandalwood SofaTable Combo spargel & shine 20 prims- grandfather clock  Roawenwood 12 prims- Percent Pitcher of Tulips -

Spargel & Shine is another store I always enjoy, and this Sandalwood Sofa set is worth the teleport to the Expo alone ! Rich velvety textures make it so plush and squishy looking…single pringle and couples poses, plus wearables and items that rez from the activity menu, love it . The complete set comes in at around 20 prims, thats the two couches plus table. The little jug of tulips is by %Percent, just a little touch that speaks volumes. My grandfather clock is by a new-to-me-store called   Roawenwood, they have positively oooodles of releases for the Expo and this just caught my eye ! I actually own a grandfather clock in real life and have to say, this is a really really faithful replica.

Home & Garden Expo Soul Effects Hunt wishing well

Sooooo did I mention there is a hunt on? Mhhhmmm there is…its the sort you have to go walkabout to find all the prizes. I found loads just wandering about…so don’t forget to go INSIDE the homes and stores, or you may miss some ! More info about the hunt on the official website listed below. Above is the prize from Soul Effects, isn’t it just adorbs?! Wishing well surrounded by sweet yellow flowers (it actually works as a donation box also) Phew my little paws are aching, but I dont want you to miss out on a fantastic event. I popped over earlier and it was a real gasp-a-thon…I flew around gawking at the amazing builds each time pausing then seeing something else in the distance to go see…a total MUST do ! The expo runs: May 24th – June 2nd.

Home & Garden Expo web site for url’s & info hints for hunt