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Just in time

Cleo Design Hunt Prize (partial shown) The Home & Garden Expo

Hubbidy Hubba I have time to do ONE more Expo post yay! Above is the Expo hunt prize from Cleo Design, and be WARNED…its mahoooooosive! I’m showing only a small selection of the gift, three deck chairs which carry some pretty coolio poses in them and also are texture change hurrah! A table laden down with alllll sorts of treats, including beers, cokes, cakes and heaps more. In the box is also a projector, screen,cushions, fences etc…its such a generous hunt prize so make sure you search it out !

Cleo Design - Mesh beach house Home & Garden Expo

If you’re over at the Expo, take a gander at Cleom’s new mesh beach house…sooper low prim…three floors , and some lovely little details that will knock your socks off. First floor is your living space, teleport up a level to the bedroom, door to a beautiful deck and stairs will take you to the galleried upper patio…thats how Id use it..its up too you though ! I’ve placed one of the new benches on the lower level…

Cleo Design- bench for The Home & Garden Expo

…here it is a little closer up….I just adore the quality of the shrubs in these, realistic and so homey. The poses are brill, one of them animates you to spray the blossoms and even gives you a spray can to wear, perfect! Better dash only 48 hours left ! Thanks Cleom ❤

The Home & Garden Expo website (all landmarks and hunt info here)

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