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Floozie to Freak

Floozy1 Milu Laval (Milu), who is the owner of AtaMe,  got in touch with me and sent me a couple of gifties of which this is one.  Have to say that knowing the range and clientele she caters for I was surprised at this one because the moment I put it on Retro Floozie sprang to mind.  I think it’s the leopard print that does it.  Happily this is a group gift so you too can be a Cheap Floozie.

AtameuseNow this is what I know AtaMe for, leather and lace, latex and kinks.  The first thought when I tried this one was this isn’t a fashion statement this is a life style statement.   A seriously cinched in waist with accentuated boobs and bum all encased in shiny wet looking latex.  A considered purchase at 700Lds but for latex lovers for that real shine it’s a small cost.  For an even smaller cost check out her “Bargains” I have to say that for a 100Lds she has some glorious offers.  A long floor length non mesh bright shiny dress and with Lola Tangos inc for free so tempting and then I spotted the very black shiny cat suit with nothing but straps to cover your rear and both are only 100Lds.  Not everything in her shop is “hardcore” latex, some lovely items but with an edge.  A good mix of Mesh and Non Mesh clothes.  The Non Mesh clothes now come with Tango Appliers but you need to click the button on the display to get them, FREE which is very nice as some do charge, and if they don’t have the Appliers there just drop Milu a note and she will supply you one (check first with her if it’s important to have them).

As always I’ve popped into the shop to check out whats new and any bargain on offer and now she has a lovely big shiny new shop (to me at least).  Laid out with plenty of space to wander around and don’t forget the upstairs for some amazing floor length latex ball gowns.  A lovely fountain and sitting area outside for all to use.  When someone spends money and time to make their shops and personal space look so nice it’s because they care about their products.


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