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Happy Berfday Piddlers Perch !

Piddlers Perch Birthday gift !_001

Piddlers Perch  is two years old hurrah! I’ve always enjoyed Rowns builds and items…they make me smile ! Congrats Rowan ! Sooo to mark this auspicious day….there is a gift…yes indeedy and its a big fat mahoooosive type one. This is the round cottage, sweetly decorated with sprays of ivy winding up the exterior stonework…and inside…fully furnished ! Most of the furnishings are not linked, so you can fiddle around with the layout till your hearts content.

Piddlers Perch Birthday gift

There is a huge couch to lounge around on, with some great poses built right on in. Pot plants and this darling table for two with a pie and coffee …scrummy ! Theres heaps more inside PLUS..a gert big tree to rez join is free, so head over and snap up your pressie. Thankyou Rowan…and happy birthday ❤

Piddlers Perch

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