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That’s me failing in yet another hunt.  The way my hunting skills are I may as well search trash cans (rubbish bins if you’re in the UK).

Snapshot_001And look what I found, no not from the bin but a Group Gift from !gO.  It’s called Marta and I have to say I’m happy how the photo has turned out and you can see that this is as usual a shop quality free group gift.  Now I’ve been in the !gO group for so long I can’t remember if it’s free or you have to pay to join but one thing for sure is that each months group gift is worth any joining fee and !gO has THE best free mesh dresses I’ve found.


Check out the MP if you can’t find them inworld but for a Linden only you can grab the freebies.  Again as a Blogger I have masses of clothes and items which get binned or ignored but I not only still have the free ones but I wear them regularly.  !gO is the “Joe Browns” of SL and thats a compliment.  !gO has mens, womens fashions a selection of baby stuff and a lovely warm relaxing shopping area.  The freebies are on the washing line and the discounts are in the greenhouse.

Shame I can’t say the same about my photo of the shoes.  From the front and with the toe cut off they don’t look like much but they’re a lovely simple pair of very high strappy FREENESS.  Comes with both old and new viewer foot hiders and easy to use skin matching hud.


!gO MP

Jetaime Mandy Sexy Heels