Sand & Sea Expo Last but one Day!

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Wow…that surely went fast…Ive been sooper busy the last few days, and omg Second Life’s first ever Sand & Sea Expo just whizzzzed by ! Today is the last but one hurry along and play the beachcomber game, there’s heaps of prizes to be won. You find the shell…click it…and if you’re lucky, you get a gift ! If you’re not lucky..try again in a little while. If you love the beach..water sports…boating…mermaids and sealife..this is the place for you to BE.

Fairwind by Julie Gothly sand & sea expo

Heres a few of the gifts from the shell game Julie Gothly has this to-die-for yacht out…its quite unique in how it rez the poses and wear the infrastructure…so prim usage is kept to a minimum…colour change for the hull and it really does sail like a dream. It uses actual SL wind…which might mean you taking some time to get used too it..but if I did can too !

Tuff sailing boat gift

Awwww factor now, this twee miniture little boat is the gift from TUFF, Zan and I had a previous version out that they released ages ago..but it was 10 prims..this little beauty is only 6 yay! You can alter the speed it rotates, it’s so so majorly cute…look for the pink shell and try your luck at winning it.

Nantucket Yacht Club  free Nemo 3 yacht

Another boat…this time a racy little devil, it’s the Nemo 3 yacht…colour change for both hull and sails, plus one custom colour…rez it, hop on and the ocean is yours to explore ! The Nantucket yacht club have this as a shell gift. I have to admit it was my fav, so jaunty and adorable ! Theres two sims to wander, one above ground and one underwater…plenty to drool over and play with. I was especially impressed with the mermaid area under the water, verrrrry pretty. One thing I found interesting, with some of the gifts I collected, were the notes. It would seem there are a lot of sailing clubs with rez areas, where you can go and sail…Ive not got into sailing big time but, after reading those notes, I think you’d get a warm welcome and plenty of practical advice about embarking on a watery journey. I’m going to give it a whirl..wave to me as I’m bailing out please !

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