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I Wish!

BeachI have a little holiday booked and I so wish I was (slim) wandering through clear blue sea with warming sun on my skin(it’s not) so until then I will have to cheer up my Sl me.  Skirt and hair from simple to intricate.  The skirt comes from Thirteen and because it’s non mesh that means anyone can wear it.  TBH can you beat a simple short floral skirt? Nope you can’t.  Teamed with a simple bikini top it’s so easy to wear.  Lovely bright texturing to the skirt a lace edging and the prim panel is a lovely fit.  Now that I’ve had a good mooch around Pяıиcess Ŧluƒƒyßutt (isn’t that a great name!) owner of ThirteenTH I am loving the seriously shredded t shirt and upstairs is some 2 toned lippie which I can’t wait to try out later.  Great shop rewards as well because for every 100Lds spent you get 10Lds back and even the lippie I bought which only cost me 25Lds gave me back 2Lds.  Make sure to check out her MP shop as well because there is much more there than her inworld shop and some items such as the lippie I’ve just bought are cheaper.

Lagged my way over to Collabor88 and as usual it was packed so I cammed my way to where Diva had their latest offering and because so far EVERY hair that they have had on offer at collab has been absolutely great I didn’t even bother grabbing the demo and just grabbed my fav colour of dark brown and once I got home and tried it on it was worth the 188Lds it cost.  A messy piled on top of head look with strands and wisps framing your face.  The icing on the cake is of course the ribbons and flowers each of which you can either wear or not wear and even remove completely and you can only only colour the flowers but there are 2 sizes so you can colour the larger ones and smaller ones differently so that’s a lot of different looks for such a low price. Only 1 shade of hair colour but I’m boring and usually stick to the same brown that I am in RL.

Skin DCLovely to see that Dulces Secret have moved into a trendy new style shop.  Bayley is the name of this skin and it’s on offer for  only 5oLd.   I actually went for the tanned one instead of my usual pale look  I just thought it look a lovely colour. Photo was taken with my normal Nams skin and prim setting (try it you will love it) it’s like touche Eclait for Avs. She’s having a retirement sale which always cheers me up because that usually means that old stock is being cleared away for NEW stock. Best of all just for walking in you get 2 gifts thrown at you so worth while just a pop in.


Yes I’m still wearing the Dulcie skin and trying my hardest to look like a “working girl” not too sure what happened to my arm though.  Never mind the dress is a cheeky group gift from M&M (group is free to join).  A creamy patterned mesh dress with both straps hanging down and quite a lot of “nip slip”,  if I turned around you would see most of my bum as well because it had that large key hole shape cut out, so I am happy.  M&M is a big shop a very BIG shop and even I haven’t really spent as much time as I should having a look around. The prices range from 50Lds to a few 100Lds but such a mix of mesh, non mesh, hair, shoes and on and on. I’ve noticed that this dress is priced at 1Ld on the MP but free in shop but it doesn’t matter as even at 5, 10, 15 Lds  etc a great bargain. Lots of other gifts and promo priced items as well.

Dulce Secret

ThirteenTH  (skirt)

Thirteen MP


M&M Marketplace