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Sexy Sweet Treat

Because I’ve saved myself so many Lindens on plants I decided to treat myself to some new clothes and Dollie was the place I wanted to get my treats from.

Cropped 1New to Dollies is this lovely “see thru ruffled top”.  She’s managed to do something that still seems to be missing from a lot of clothes in that the mesh sleeves stretch with your arm moving without the mesh “breaking” or the texturing becoming ugly. You’ll be able to check that out with the demos.

Bloom 2Another great bargain priced shorts.  A lovely leather texturing and I chose the brown but of course like the top above there is a colour choice for you to chose from.

EdgeI’ve tried to zoom in so you can see the detailing but I think because of the dark shade it’s not as obvious.  What you have is slightly unzipped with folded over edging. I know that inworld I can see the zip details as well not that that’s important what is important is that they’re sweet and sexy.

I’ve blogged Dollies before and I will probably do so again because I love her clothes.  If your on a no Linden budget she has some great Group Gifts out and there is usually a hunt or two going on.


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