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Guys !


Caught up with Player last night and noticed he was wearing a really cool outfit, apparently it’s from a store called  Splendeurs, and is a complete look in a box kinda thing. The outfit comprises of mesh jeans, mesh jacket and a shirt with collar up. The jeans are a really nice shape on him and I loved the tone of the denim.


You can also purchase the boots He is wearing right next to the outfit…natty Union Jack faded pattern on them and a superb leather look texture make them a real winner…I know Guys often say they find it hard to choose a total “look”, so this takes the worry out of it…buy it all-in-one! Had a mooch around the store and noticed a few other items worth a look at…complete outfit is just 450L and the boots 300L…steal !


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Be A Buddy


buddy walk new_007


Ohmaiiii…I was going to wait till tomorrow to post about The Buddy Walk again, BUT…then I opened this box from Citrus that totally WOWed me. Sooper zesty & Fresssssh huh?! I’m picky with my yellow tones…being blonde in real life it can sometimes make me sallow..but this bright juicy shade is really purrrfect! Love love love the patterned skinny fit jeans and darling little flats…sling on the cardigan (which is completed with the attached vest top) and you’re ready to rollllllllll into spring …


buddy walk new_002


I also adored this purpley & lilac dress from Kre-ations, two-tone layers so scrummy and girly…I teamed it up with the “love stacked” bracelets from Pure Poison which come in a big variety of colours to choose from…all available from The Buddy Walk Event….


Buddy Walk Event Location

Buddy Walk Blog 






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Buddy Walk

buddy walk - Sakide Blush dress, ammaci

I’m finally back and able to feel up to blogging hurrah! So on with the show and let’s get the ball rolling with The Buddy Walk event. If you’re not familiar with this event here’s a little snippet from the press release:

“The SL Buddy Walk was created to celebrate the World Down Syndrome Day in Second Life. Many of your favorite SL entertainers and store brands will be taking part to promote and raise money for Down Syndrome awareness. The Buddy Walk® was established in 1995 by the National Down Syndrome Society to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness and to promote acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome.All donations collected from this event are given directly to the NDSS. They will be used for supporting the National Down Syndrome Society’s education, research and advocacy efforts on behalf of the more than 400,000 individuals with Down Syndrome in the United States.”

buddy walk_002

There are a ton of great designers all supporting this, such as Sakide who’s frock I am wearing above, close up is to show the absolootly stunning necklace which is also on offer by Designs By Sebastian. My skin is another Buddy Walk item, its by Amacci and is called Emma. I chose to wear the pale version which is so very pretty and delicate, but there are darker options available. My hair is by a newwww designer called {Quandry}, this style is Nancy, I really like it. Sweet natural styling. Infact I liked it SO much I tried to find their store to grab a few demos etc..but at the moment it looks like there isnt, fingers crossed for more from them !

buddy walk_009

It’s not only clothing, you’ll find a load of decor items for your homes & garden, including one of my fav designers Cleom Bailey. This is one of her offerings for The Buddy Walk, big old comfy chair with an array of poses, footstool and table…theres also some couply snuggles in it awww ! The pantssuit I have on is by Leri Miles Designs, funky huh?! Squillions of colours in this so go take a peek and grab one up. I headed over to take a look around, it’s a lovely spacious area to meander through and not too busy either. I’ve got oooodles more to show you so watch this space !

Buddy Walk Blog

Buddy Walk Event Location

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Stuff In Stock

Hagrid Smoke

“Stuff in Stock” is another excellent discounted shopping experience.   New stock is now in which draws a big crowd because at the prices they offer it’s a great way to treat yourself.  The hair is not only just 65Lds but it’s menu contains a massive 16 colour choices of everything from shocking pink to mossy green or if you want you can choose the natural pack which also contains 16 shades from black to platinum. Tameless is the name of the hair shop Hallie is the name of the hair.  Her hair uses a mix of everything from mesh to flexi prims whatever is need to create a natural look.  This is a big shop with loads of demos for you to try out and have fun doing it.

The skin is another Stuff in Stock bargain called “Jamie Berry” pale from annaA from and not only is it just 65Lds but it’s a Lola Tango ready skin.  2 Shade choices and I picked the pale but the demo is there for you to try out.


A much less “bright” photo from above but I do like to show skins off in a more natural light so people get a better I idea of how it looks without special effects.  Taken with a nam  optimal skin and prim (windlight) setting (my setting of choice for 90% of my photos and when I’m inworld, try it you might like it). It’s the 3 P’s, pale, pretty and pink. annaA Body Stuff has a lot more skins and shapes than I thought it would so lots of demos for you to try on.  Special mention to a few items. Loving the “cow patches” tattoos you can buy and the washing up mouth bottle is fun but this is the shop to come to if you have a man or are a man or even a woman who wants to have a more slender, femboy, androgynous  shape which are hard to find.

The TP takes you to the main hall  of the Stuff in Stock shop and one way takes you to the Day Room and the other way to the Night Room so make sure you check them both out because you can pick up shoes, poses, jewelry, tattoos, dresses and on and on and all at a great price.

Stuff In Stock


(annaA) Body Stuff (inworld shop)

(annaA) Body Stuff Marketplace

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Nest with me.

I wasn’t going to do this hunt because the eggs you have to find are scattered all over the sim and in the shops and since I know The Nest has so many amazing quality, low primmed, new designs, new designers, excellent textured, STUFF I would give into temptation and spend a fortune.  But when I got a note from Cheeky Pea to say that they now have a DISCOUNT SHOP I had to go.  Whilst I was spending some Lindens I noticed that the eggs scattered about were actually pretty easy to find and those hidden in shops were even easier because only the shops involved in the hunt have the signs in their windows.

RoundAs you can see I was weak in the face of temptation. I literally collected all of this stuff in less than an hour and I still haven’t unpacked everything, but so far I’ve gained some furniture, food, eggy decorations and I have to say that although I’m not an antler lover the one I am wearing has cute Easter Eggs dangling down and I couldn’t resist wearing it.

Lots of the best quality shops are situated on The Nest and so many of them are involved in this hunt.  Here’s just a few of their names involved in the hunt, End of Daze, Senzafine, Zigana, What Next, cheeky Pea, circa, BA(barneswoth), sanctuaire, Lame, Post  and on and on and thats just 1 street and only the shops with the Egg Hunt signs in their window.  The LM I have given is for the Cheeky pea discount shop so once you’ve checked out the goodies have a pleasant time wandering around picking up your eggs.

Cheeky Pea Discount Shop

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Janine corneredJust before I was about to log off I finally found this skirt.  I knew I had it, I knew I only paid a single Linden for it and I knew it was brilliant I just didn’t know where I had filed it.  Turns out I grabbed it off Marketplace one day when I was bored and for a Linden I thought it was worth the risk and it sure was. A mesh skirt, creamy colour with black dots and you can even see the frills the last 2 seem to be slightly sheer.  It would be lovely at twice the price (2 Lds kidding) but unbelievably it’s a Dollarbie.


The skirt comes from AAA and as I was checking out the details I noticed that I’d already got the suitcase you can see behind me.  Another bargain because for 20Lds not only get a holdable one but a prop one and at 7 Prims you can rezz one in your home for decoration.

Special mention for the Dollarbie Wellies on the MP as well as the others so if this skirt doesn’t tempt you something sure will.

AAA (Marketplace)

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The Shape I’m In.

This is the first shape I have ever blogged in fact it’s the first shape I’ve tried on for many a year that I’m in love with.  I’ve had the same shape since almost day one and apart from a couple of tweaked shapes, my “skinny ass” for system skirts and my “saggy t*ts” one for some mesh tops, it hasn’t changed.  Thats not to say I haven’t tried many a freebie and demo and had a great laugh at the fish mouth, alien face, slits for eyes, midget height and monkey arm before I bin them and then today I got sent some samples from AnalyAmat (Anna Shapes) and I LOVE it.

Skin Smoke

Remember it’s the shape and not the skin to look at (the skin is from Essence and is called Wednesday).  Well rounded realistically sized boobs, small waist flaring to wide hips and  a rounded bottom.  Arms and legs are well proportioned.  This is a very natural real woman shape.  Although it does come as Mod (never ever buy a shape that isn’t mod or copy!) I just didn’t feel that it needed any modification.

Smoke 2

Again ignore the skin but check out the facial features.  A pouty mouth and the narrowed eyes that are very in vogue at the moment but without the extremes that some shapes take it to.

Smoke 3

Popped my smile on for this one because Woo Hoo this shape takes MOCK make up so well. This shape is called Jessica and I’ve tried on so many of the Demos from her shop and for once they’re all so good it would be hard to chose.  Some shapes for the boys as well.

Nitty Gritty so I popped over to “Anna Shapes” to check out prices which seem to average 800Lds which to a lot of people maybe a bit more than they can afford to pay but all is not lost because not only does she have some bargain, 80Lds priced shapes  on the Marketplace but if you want to  buy the Jessica shape I am wearing you can only get that from from The Discount Store (inworld ) for 80Lds as well.  Not only a BARGAIN but a damned fine shape.

A nice touch is that she includes a note in your purchase which tells you which hair, skin and eyes are being used in the picutre so if you want to recreate the look completely it’s a no brainer.  I wish more people did that.

The Discount Store

Anna Shapes Inworld

Anna Shapes MP