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Walk Of Shame

Yes you do know what I mean. That long trip home in the morning  from a wild night out where you’ve lost your bag, shoe and dignity.

Walk of

Rummaging in my Invent in another desperate attempt to clear out the carp and find the goodies I came across this dress.  One of those lightly sheer dresses that shows off just enough to catch peoples eyes but not so that your nude in public.  So I had to check that it was still a Freebie and not only is it still a freebie but they have an updated version of it for Lola Tangos.  Of course I binned my boobless photo and had fun with my Lolas.  I have to say that it looks equally as cheeky, sexy with both enhanced and natural boobs so do not let that put you off and it’s also NON MESH! so wearable for all.

ShameSimple shirt, simple shorts, simple price….FREE.  A group gift from Chandelle and a generous one at that because you not only get all the mesh sizes but 2 colour choices of shirts, black or white, and 5 colour choices for the shorts. Simple mesh shorts with an untucked shirt perfect for any time.

If you have a few Lindens to spare you can join the paid for group and pick up the dresses for that one and chances are if this is the quality of the Freebie then any VIP Group gifts she sends out will be quality items.

Update on the sheer dress from EB Atelier, just in case you have issues with the MP or time to kill inworld then I’d reccomend you pop to their inworld shop.  On the floor near the back of the shop is a sack which contains not only the dress but some other items but also if you join the Free Group there is a pair of Heels just waiting to be picked up for a single Linden.

AB Atelier Sheer Dress Inworld

Sheer Dress Marketplace

Chandelle Shirt&Shorts

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Easter Treats

June Trenkins- wearable cart - FREE!

Found a couple of lovely Easter Treats on the market place from June Trenkins…I just love wearable items…and this little cart is one of them. Super detail with all the bottles of what looks like beer inside…and a great pose !

June Trenkins wearable Easter Egg - Free!

For Easter grab yourself this darling wearable Egg..its also from June and is totally free …such a wealth of pretty details, can you see the bunny over my shoulder?!

[HUIT] R2 Free Skin

One more before I head out to work this morning…[HUIT] R2 sent out a notice last night about this skin I’m wearing…its out instore as a free gift..not sure for how long so dash and grab it ASAP. It’s quite a delicate skin tone but not overly pale, gorgeous facial features. My outfit in these photos is from the new Spring range at coldLogic, vale sweater and walsh capri pants…havent taken these two items off since I received them…to-die-for !

June Trenkins market place store




Easter Parade

Finishing Touches Easter decor_002

Such a lovely time of year, all those Spring flowers peeking up from the ground. Finishing Touches has absolutely ooodles of pretties for your home ! There are quite a few different styles of planters & flowers for your perusal over at Cookie Jar Designer Warehouse where you can find an assortment at 50% off the usual price, until the 4th of April…I so loved the little tricycle and the paper bag…

finishing touches wheelbarrow with day lillies & foxgloves

I thought the wheelbarrow was just perfect for your seasonal gardening…a really good variety of flowers to make a beautiful display…

finishing touches wagon with daylillies

Theres also this little pull along…complete with a tub of flowers for planting…as you can see I’m busy gardening already !

finishing touches cart_001

In the main store location there’s plenty of new pieces to get into the Easter celebrations with…Im lounging about in the gift from Finishing Touches, it’s for The Evil Bunny Hunt…brimming with poses so you can cozy up too Mister Bunneh while he decorates an egg ! Make sure you don’t miss out on the “wall pouches”, I adore them, available in different colours , ohhhhhh and take a look at the mesh Easter Egg tree while you’re there, its glorious!

Finishing Touches

Cookie Jar Designer Warehouse

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“Persnickety=Fussy about small details” is what one dictionary translates it as which as it happens suits this shop “Persnickity” completely because close up or from a distance these items look great.

Now I have a confession because I’ve had so much stuff from Persnickity in my invent just waiting to be blogged but I’ve not known where to start because basically for garden and home there is everything you need and it’s got everything I like such as attention to details, low prims and low price.  I’ve got everything from a Victorian love sofa, blender, plastic laundry basket that’s so realistic it’s a shock and the best ever sim stuffers.

To me “sim Stuffers” are those plants that have amazing depth to them even though they’re seriously low primmed. When trying to work out how to show you this I decided just to do a few close-ups so you can see the amazing texturing.

HasselA 2 primmed rose bush.  Close up and the next one is in full.

Hassel14Not only is it one of the best low primmed plants I’ve found but it’s only 35Lds! 2 Prims and copy! Lots of her items are copy but not all.  Hassel 8Vivid colours, great depth and so pretty.

Hassel 7All of these photos were taken with the same settings (nams) which is very similar to midday if you don’t use Windlight.

Snapshot_058Plenty of grasses, bushes, trees from the more realistic to the vivid. A thick wall climbing ivy for only 3 Prims.

Hassel6Bubble hearts so cute and still only a single prim.


I’ve not even started on the home furnishings but the lovely dressing table and chair are a prime example. Shabby Chicness galore.  Kitchen wares, beds, baskets, Cabbage rose textiles,  living room sets all with that Shabby Chic charmingness.

Tor Scifi Rezzable

Sorry last photo I promise but this is 2 of the 6 prim beech woods together and nestled in the middle is Faiths tent inc her washing line.  I also had a fiddle with Windlight but it was mainly to show how even if you have the smallest of plots or the biggest of sims you can use her excellent low primmed garden items to pack it out.  Every time I pop back here I find new stuff.  She has the best fat leaves Hosta plants out and now I’ve noticed in the back area she has a Rezzer so now if you need a home to place all your items in and in keeping the with Cottagy theme you can find it all here.

She has so much up on the Marketplace but make sure to pop inworld as well because you can hop on an egg and go for her Egg Hunt.  Hidden are 5 Big Fat Gold covered eggs with fun free stuff.

Persnickity Marketplace


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Spring Has Sprung

coldLogic new !_001

It’s finally here, Spring ! coldLogic has a brand spankin new Spring collection…and its massive…so big infact I’m going to show it in sections *gasp*…thought Id go with the casuals first, as I’m that kinda gal…theres a whole new line of simply stunning capri’s yay! I lurve capri pants, so versatile and playful. The new ones have that slightly flared hem to them which I adore…anddddd theres some sweet little sweaters to sling on with them…this version is called vale..and there are sooo many deeelicious tones to choose from, simpler to nab yourself a quantum pack (they are SUCH good value) I fell in love with the butter shade, and it went so well with my walsh floral capris. Had to do a little happy dance in my new home by Barnesworth Anubis “Haight”, couldn’t resist buying it at collabor88…just 288L , and its a whopping size, with beautiful bay windows and SO low prim.

coldLogic new ! chance capri -chambers citrus punch combo

Next is one of the famous “combos” that coldLogic are soooo dammed good at..this is called chambers…and I just adore the fresh colour ways on this jacket & tank combo…Im also wearing another version of the capris called chance…plain this time…and a brilliant foil for the stripes and plaids of the jacket..

coldLogic New ! dress

Had an afternoon out today at Brighton Pier ! I slipped on one of the ooodles of new frocks in this collection called ness…this shade is called nectarine and it makes you feel juicy and girly…lovely detail with the thin belt…

coldLogic New !  poole dress - Mock nara tone 1 group gift

Decided to have a takeout on my way home and popped into the local chinese…luckily I had made a note of the order, or I might have forgotten those essential prawn crackers. This zigzagged delight is named poole, brilliant sash belt and a dainty cowl neck give it a hint of glamour…Im also wearing a new group gift from MOCK Cosmetics, us group members are often royally spoilt…this skin was only one part of a box we received the other day..its called nara and im showing it in the lighter tone…lovely quality too it and a firm favourite for me now. (hurrrah blonde eyebrows!)

coldLogic New ! dress_002

Last look for today is an all together more sleek affair..its called nephis..I grabbed the spring tones option , just perfect for a Sunday in the country no?…three tier wrap effect over the hips and a beautiful boat-shaped neckline, glammed it up with some jewels & heels voila ! My skin is another freebie, the March group gift from WoW Skins, its called Nuria and has a pretty and lush makeup, great lips ! Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic inworldstore

coldLogic market place store

coldLogic blog



WoW Skins

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Pure Contagion is here…

coldLogic new ! darcy sand

mhmm a new weekly event that runs Friday through to Sunday…looks like its going to be a cracker too ! I was rifling through the new Spring collection from coldLogic when I got the news that Cleo Design is in Pure Contagion, so hot footed straight over to snaffle up this amazing offer… for only 99L you can have this darling retro look kitchen counter set. It really is SO sweet, washed out sage green wood with hand painted little sprigs of roses on the cupboard doors. Yes, the doors and cupboards also open ! Plussss its animated with some sooper cute poses, I especially love the cookie munching ones …FUN.

coldLogic new !_005

Part of this set is also the vegetable rack, comes complete with fruit & veggies (which you can remove to save prims) Everywhere you look are such lovely details, such as the spice jars on the end of the counter and recipe books…bet youre wondering about my dress huh? Its is part of coldLogics new spring collection *squeeee*…its a ginormous release, so prepare yourselves for a mammoth amount of blog posts from me showing it all off ! This dress is called darcy…and is a cardi-over-a-dress look that I so enjoy…snuggly but stylishly made, totally hooked on this sand shade, other colours also available instore and on the market place.

Cleo Design

coldLogic inworld store

coldLogic market place store

coldLogic blog

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Calling All Egotists

SoftI could blab on about the dress but it’s simply a pretty damned good mesh dress with a retro halter neck and texturing and it’s a DOLLARBIE! definitely one of those dollarbies which makes you grin that you’ve found a goodie and want to see what else Kɐɹol Zaнм (karol.zahm) has out for us in her shop Egoxentrikax.

This is a big shop with lots of choices, skirts, tops, dresses, skins, Lola Tango dresses, tops and tango ready skins, shoes, tattooes and everything at a pretty darn  good price. Some lovely spring texturing going on here and all at a more than reasonable priced.  But if your still hunting for a better bargain she also has a Discount shop.  Again even I was seriously tempted.  There is also the Tango Train Hunt going on, more to come, and group (free to join) gifts to be grabbed.


Egoxentrikax Discount