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Eggie Hunt (Christmas Hunt, Valentines Hunt, Lots of Hunts)

SL is hating me at the moment but fortunately I managed a TP to Ricielli  where they have the biggest easter eggs I’ve ever seen which is a blessing for us saddos (ME) who cannot find hunt items unless they’re pointed out to me.  Each egg costs a mere 15Lds and each item is more than worth it BUT the icing on the cake is that  Fhara Ricielli Marchiori is sooo freaking sweet she has posters  up to show you exactly what is in each egg and the number of that egg which means that us poor people who have a pair of shoes too many or cannot count the number of dresses they have can pick and chose what they would like.

Kevin RainThis shot was more for fun than to show off the clothing but yes the shoes, trousers and bustier are all hunt items.  The boots come in 4 colours and s/m/l sizes which is excellent.  The top is a studded style bustier and the leather trousers have lacing details to them, Sorry folks they’re all mesh still worth a visit because they have a skin and make up which you may like,  I tried, loved but didn’t wear it LOL.  The boots however are not in the Egg Hunt.  Wander through the shop and you will come to a room that has all of the old Christmas and Valentines items out and again the posters are there to show you exactly what is in the boxes.

BagsNo camera tricks, not fancy lightning just look how freaking nice these bags are.  The crumpling shadowing is just like a RL bag, bold bright colours great straps to them and best of all you not only get 2 colours but a choice of hand or arm attaching and a really good bag holding AO.  They look great on as well, very wearable.  If you gaze past the bag you can see I’m still wearing the other clothes from the first photo but again Fhara Ricielli Marchiori has placed great big boards outside the shop so you can pick and chose to your heart’s content to suit your needs.