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Youre so vain

Dutchie Vanity- mesh 12LI

Player bought me thee most fantastical V Day gift this year…it’s a mesh vanity unit from Dutchie. Gawd I love it…not only is it amazing to look at..all baked shadows and rich wood..but its also low prim. At just SIX prims its a real must have for anyone who loves to sit and pamper themselves. The top has a scattering of bottles and lotions and cosmetics …and there are eleven single animations for things such a drying your hair, putting on makeup,painting your toenails etc..PLUS..heaps of wearable goodies to go with the poses…as you select each pose you are automatically given the wearable item…topnotch ! Available on the market place (with lots of photos to see) and also in the mainstore.

Dutchie mainstore

Dutchie Vanity on the market place

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