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Warming up

Zinnias New release

Looking ahead and wishing the days were warmer and the nights longer , I’ve been searching out some brighter decor for my Second Life home. I simply love to have a place to curl up…alone , with friends or a lover…and this new set “Sol” from Zinnias ticks all the boxes for me. Plenty of poses for both genders and the add-on decor pieces are just sooooo lovely. Its got a contemporary look but with the lush fabrics and textures it has real depth and warmth. This new collection is available at The Designer Warehouse curently…50% off this week !

Zinnias Decor detail - cushions

Heres a few photos to show the quality of the smaller items. I thought the upholstery, especially the plump & rich looking cushions are really well made..this set actually has 40 custom created textures used in its build !

Zinnias New cactus detail

All parts are available to buy you can have as much, or as little as you wish. Because I was a little slow posting this (sorry!) there are only a few days left to grab this collection at the 50% off sale price…so hurry along!

Zinnias New - decor detail pot

As you can see…everything about this set screams quality…and thats why I have so much of Zinnias work in my own home…thanks Zinnia ❤

ChiMia sandwich board FREE!

I did cruise on over to take a look around and noticed this cute sandwich board out as a gift from ChiMia, so I grabbed it up and place it by my coffee bar at home..sweet!

The Designer Warehouse






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Last Jumper For Winter New Jumper For Spring

JumperQuickest post ever because as soon as I logged inworld and went through my notices and spotted this I had to run and get it.  Thank Goodness Leri Miles was away for a few days which means she was late in placing out her Lazy Sunday item so she’s kept it going for a couple more days. A lovely knitted cropped sweater, great texturing and a great look for spring.  Not sure how long she is keeping it out or how much it will be full priced but if your quick you can grab it at the bargain price of 75Lds.  Right next to it is another offer of a slashed hemmed top for 60Lds with a great choice of fresh colours.

If it wasn’t for the fact this is “poverty week” in RL, that means payday isn’t till the end of the week, I would have picked up a couple  of items for my own personal use as even in my overstuffed invent I can see things I could wear often.  OH! and join her Group because at 50Lds the dress you get is worth it and who knows what other goodies you may get in the future.

Leri Miles Designs

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SQEEE Alert!


Faith knows I love all things rattie or in this case mousie and I just couldn’t resist this adorable little piece of sqeeness.  A tiny little mouse on his own kite.  Although it looks as though he’s just about to fly away….


..if you look closely through the grass blades you can see his little friend is holding onto the kite string  keeping him tethered to the ground.

The little mouses are mouse size which makes it so cute.  The mouse on the land is standing on his own little pile of rocks and grass which blends well into the landscaping.  It’s cute little things like this dotted around your home and land that make just that extra special touch.  I got this from The Designer Warehouse for a 100Lds but make sure to check out Pattye Caproni shop Sleepy Hollow Farms Home and Garden Designs. I’m particularly impressed with the flower boxes that are designed to hang on banisters and railings and if I had a banister to hang one from I would buy them for sure.

The Designer Warehouse (this and other bargains)

Sleepy Hollow Farms Home and Garden Designs

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Kiss My A:S:S

New Group Gift from A:S:S and I love it’s cream and soft teal colouring.  Retro cool  and BIG. It is partitioned so if you wanted to set out a typical layout ie kitchen, bedroom, living area then it’s perfect but of course it would also make a great looking shop if that’s what your after.  The ornamental pool in the centre is a lovely feature.  50Prims in total.


Some people may think this is more shop like than sky home and I say “your wrong” it’s both and I think this is so Unisexed as well.

ASSESI took the first photo is normal midday setting and the second in sunset just to show you that even without the use of Windlight you can get a lot of atmosphere into your home/shop.  You can also see that you get plently of windows to be able to look out of.

OK the nitty gritty (old English expression) is it’s FREE but only to group members and thats not free but I have recieved so much stuff from group gifts that the initial cost has been more than repaid.  If you don’t want to join the group still check out not only their great clothes/jewelry but their great skyhomes.  Very reasonably priced and all as great a quality as this one. TP to the demo area once you’ve checked out A:S:S’s great clothes, jewelry and make up first.

eoDJust as I was doing the write up for the A:S:S skybox I recieved this off  Ice (Icewood.Bayn) who owns EoD (End Of Daze).  I was planning to set out a load of EoD furniture so you could see how perfectly it looks and then I thought “Meh” and just left it as it is.  In a way I think what you see shows off how big this skyhome is.  It’s texturing and colouring is a perfect match not only for your EoD items but anything you wish to use.  All items shown are from EoD and if it’s been a while since you’ve been there it’s a newer bigger and better shop for showing off the goodies and a new Landmark to match.

EoD1Again just like the first skyhome the first picture is taken in normal SL midday and the second either sunset or sunrise (sorry can’t remember which) and how warm and lovely does it look.  This is take from the other side of the room so you can see the picture windows with a city view.  Some lovely little details such a sockets and beams and a low 22Prims!



EoD Marketplace

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PiNKCHERRY NEW! Cyber girl mini dress

Oh Haiiii!!! I have such a morsel of loveliness to show you..this is a new release from .::PiNK CHERRY::…called “cyber girl”. It comes in a range of colours to choose from. I so liked the silver version. I havent added any photo effects, the fabric really does give off a slight shine & gleam for a futuristic look. Theres more to see at the main store so head over and take a peek …


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Cart Sale

somnia cart sale exclusive rainbow top & skirt 10L each

Its time to get washing girls & guys..The Wash has one of its cart sales on…and you really don’t want to miss it. Most everything is set for sale at just 10L, plus a load of gifts dotted around. I have some gorjusness to share with you from Somnia (thankyou so much Sanura <3) Above is a cart sale exclusive…the rain bow mesh skirt and matching top…they made me feel especially spring like and cheerful ! Both items only 10L each *faint*…

Sonia cart sale Harmonic Fusion ice & white 10L

Another must have from Somnia is this mesh top “Harmonic Fusion”….cute look, perfect for tossing on with jeans and a great music logo across the front ..again only 10L ! (if you’re wondering about the jeans I’m alwaysss wearing, they are from Jane and are called “sweet n low”…my absolute favs eva !)

somnia cart sale Feathered Harlot lingerie 10L

Somnia have ooooodles out for the Cart Sale…couldnt not show you the lingerie could I?! This is the “Feathered Harlot” set and comes in heaps of colours…lovely design across the bra top plus matching knickers…yum.

Piddlers Perch Cart Sale  10L - Bit O Country Wash Basin & Shelved Towel Rack

I did pop over to mooch and found Piddlers Perch had a cart..if you don’t know this store go check it out…great value and really sweet pieces to glam up your space..this is just one of the items on sale for the Cart Sale ” Bit O Country Wash Basin & Shelved Towel Rack”, it’s just sooooo lovely and quaint…you get all that s shown above for your 10L ! Its won a place in my home for sure…btw…its all also very low prim, hurrah! Go have a wander around, it’s quite a large area to cover, you’ll find clothing,shoes,home & garden items, guys theres stuff for you also.

Cart Sale


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Miss Versatility

coldLogic new - norton cardi & dress- evenflow. NEW shoes

If you’re anything like moi…you get really stoked when you find clothes that not only look the business but are also versatile…items you can get many wears out of, or pieces you can mingle in with other things you already own…yes? Well its all your birthdays and Christmas’s rolled  into one today ! Theres a fantastical new range that’s out right now in the coldLogic store….and youre so so SO going to love it. Above I’m wearing one of the “norton” combos…whats a combo? Well, it just means you have options…and I love those. You can wear the cardi alone…or with the dress….isnt that wonderful?! This colour I adore.softest grey over a washed out pink…so gentle…and went exceptionally well with my new shooz from even.flow. Lovely pumps in some mouthwatering colours (mine are called Tin Man) from the collection available at the Acid Lilly Gallery, only 69L a pop…

coldLogic milano jacket alone NEW!

Just to show you what a combo is…check this out. I’m wearing part of the new “milano” combo…no dress…just the cardi…I slammed a tank on and a pair of jeans…and you get a whole nother look…yay! My necklace is a dollarbie btw..from Just You Jewels, it is a limited time offer, so if you want the goodies go grab them fast (link below)

coldlogic carnes NEW! Ash tone- jacket wearable alone also

My absolute favourite of this new range has to be “carnes”, its got a real sophisticated feel about it, just right for meeting up with the girls for lunch or drinks..the belt is a separate yet more choice over how you wear this…so well tailored…and fits perfectly. I added some glam with my glasses from maubray…they are currently a free gift instore, you get a whopping pack of all kindsa colours.

coldLogic new lutz bubblegum

This is “lutz”, another combo…isnt it FUN! Big Bold stripes on the dress, and over the top thee cutest little belted jacket..juicy range of colours in this. I promise this will banish any lingering winter blues. Pro tip : Do grab demos and do zoom perv the photos instore and on the market place. You will notice how coldLogic always do such fabulous textures & fabric…top notch .

coldLogic farrow NEW!

Last one for today, “farrow”…again a lovely selection of tones in this, I plumped for it in these delicious chocolate and fawny shades…the dress has an almost knitted look to it…and the jacket is smart enough that you could use it for “work” wear…great detial on the belt ..and as always that superb coldLogic fit…thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic on the market place

coldLogic blog

Just You Jewels


even.flow blog

even.flow at Acid Lily