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Warming up

Zinnias New release

Looking ahead and wishing the days were warmer and the nights longer , I’ve been searching out some brighter decor for my Second Life home. I simply love to have a place to curl up…alone , with friends or a lover…and this new set “Sol” from Zinnias ticks all the boxes for me. Plenty of poses for both genders and the add-on decor pieces are just sooooo lovely. Its got a contemporary look but with the lush fabrics and textures it has real depth and warmth. This new collection is available at The Designer Warehouse curently…50% off this week !

Zinnias Decor detail - cushions

Heres a few photos to show the quality of the smaller items. I thought the upholstery, especially the plump & rich looking cushions are really well made..this set actually has 40 custom created textures used in its build !

Zinnias New cactus detail

All parts are available to buy you can have as much, or as little as you wish. Because I was a little slow posting this (sorry!) there are only a few days left to grab this collection at the 50% off sale price…so hurry along!

Zinnias New - decor detail pot

As you can see…everything about this set screams quality…and thats why I have so much of Zinnias work in my own home…thanks Zinnia ❤

ChiMia sandwich board FREE!

I did cruise on over to take a look around and noticed this cute sandwich board out as a gift from ChiMia, so I grabbed it up and place it by my coffee bar at home..sweet!

The Designer Warehouse