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Never Be Afraid!

To ask that is.  When you see someone wearing something that you like the look of just send them a little IM or better still a  note and ask. In all the years of SLing I’ve done that a number of times and have never had a negative reply.  People appreciate the fact that someone has noticed what they’re wearing and are usually flattered.

So this is what I spotted on another lady.


I should point out that it’s the skirt I’m talking about.  What makes this noticable was the 2 different fabrics involved.  Firstly you have the very open weaved sacking texturing and then the lacy hem both are done excellent.  Have to confess that when I saw them in the shop the lacy hem looked a bit wishy washy but when worn it’s a lovely texturing.  I chose this rather soiled ratty textured one but you do have  a much greater choice.  I wanted this skirt so badly that even though it is a LB (lucky Board) win I ended up buying it for full price because at 120Lds it’s priced pretty well. So you may want to kill some time and maybe have better luck with the LM or treat yourself to one of the other textured skirts.

NuDoLu is the shop and Neuilles Neuman is the owner and I can see from her profile that she has another shop which maybe small but it has some cute items in it for your home, lovely Babushka Dolls , photos for your walls a few accessories and happily another like her first shop not only a LB but also plenty of Gatchas to tempt you.

Sorry if anyone is interested in the hat/hair the shop I got it from is no more.


NuDoLu 2