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Polak Cornered

I was so excited when I found these 2 items I couldn’t wait to show Faith.  This is from Shi.   This hoodie is one of the examples of their goodies.  Uni sexed and comes with all the sizes to fit both male and female AVs but if in doubt try the Demos.  has it happens I got the Demos off Marketplace so I will give you the link.  I just love it’s style, the hood covers the face slightly giving you a monk/emo/loner look and it’s sleeveless.  This one is edged with a black leather look but the others come with different edgings to them  a more than reasonable choice of colours. 250Lds and I know you can get cheaper but I’ve not seen this anywhere else and I think it’s more than worth it to have something so simple and yet makes you stand out.


As you will know I am into the occasional boob flashing especially when it’s done as stylish as this “Toga Dress”. The fabric is very drapey and lush red but you do have a choice of colours and of course the Demos to try.  It may seem I don’t have much to say about this dress but I actually love it.  It’s dirty, sexy and delicious and at 225Lds a damned good price.

This is one of the shops where you go in and wish it was a lot bigger because everything they have you want.  Sadly for the sake of my tier fee I’ve had to walk away and maybe return at a later date for a few other items but more than happy with what I got. A small selection of mens clothes, some unisexed, hat, bags and even some great poses.  You can join the group and recieve some goodies but since I’m down to zero group space that too will have to be at a later date as well.