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Sakura Love

Armony collage1

When I first tried this dress on I was frankly just amazed at the fit…such a complex design, yet its snug like a glove. Even when I walked and moved it retained its shape…and wow the drape at the back is just so pretty. It fans gently out when you move and is collected with a beautiful silk flower  to the dress. This is the Sakura gown from Armony and at only 250L is a real gem.

ribbon limited edition luckyboard gift

I also went over to ribbon yesterday and dutifully stood by the luckyboard to win this limited edition of the new long sleeve mesh sweater to show you ! Sooper cute with an “I love You” slogan…and suchn a great colour..yummm chocolate….(if you get bored waiting for your letter to come up, it’s also for sale for 30L right beside the luckyboard)

ribbon long sleeve sweater 40L

andddd because it was so so soooo lovely I treated myself to the same design in this creamy beige tone…only 40L a fantastic buy. The sleeves are designed to cover your hands..incase you thought it looked a bit odd…I found it really endearing…

Armony inworld Store

Armony market place store