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Supermarket Sweep

ShuShu free sweater

Friday is always my day to get the weekly shopping in, so I thought Id do the same in SecondLife this week. I’m not one of those chicks that gets all glammed up for it, and I found the perfect comfy sweater to do the job ! This is from ShuShu (the place where I found those awesome free boots). I adore the colours on cheery and good for the season, all standard sizes in the pack and totally free. I swiped the hair from the massive sale on at [elikatira], only 75L, I think its the one and only style I didn’t already own , the sim was packed to the rafters when I went but don’t despair, the sales lasts into Feb yay!

ShuShu free jog sweats, U.One mesh cropped sweater 1L, ArisAris group gift bag

When I find a sooper bargain on the market place, I usually follow it up with a visit to the inworld store, andddd I scored BIG TIME ! The store has plenty of wearable demos, that means…it might be a selected colour (it seems usually to be grey which I LOVE) or it might only come in limited sizes, the group is free join and there are a number of gifts for you to scoop up. I’m wearing the “Good morning Capri pants”, and they are totally fabbo…really good details and so easy to wear, perfect mooching material. My bag is a recent group gift from ArisAris, isn’t it just too cute ? It has a pose, plus one without, epic.  Mustn’t forget my cropped sweater, it’s from U.One and cost me the princely sum of 1L, great store to wander and prices start from 0L up too around 40L….and YES, I’m still in love with my HOC mesh sneakers…so scrummy and have a HUD with ooodles of texture choices…KaChing !

ShuShu market place

ShuShu inworld store





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Water Baby


Skin first.  Found this in my inbox and even before I’d unpacked it I knew I would be using this skin to show off the Hot Tub coming  up.  Dulces Secrets just makes great skins and great skins at great prices. This one is called Hollynn and it’s 55Lds a shade.Placed on the wall  just inside of the entrance area and demos available.  What else you will find is skins from as little as 35Lds (in the  Gatcha) and up to 350Lds, Group Gifts, make up, eyes and often a hunt or two is going on but just not at this moment.  I’ve never had a dud from this shop.  Demos available and I’ve tried them all and loved them all.  She’s made this one relatively make up free to allow you to add your own make up layer but those lashes are so thick and fluttery looking.  I took up the challenge and spent a very relaxing half hour trying on loads of my Mock Make up and it fits both lips and eyes  so that means even if you just treat yourself to the one shade of skin with make up you can make so many looks.Skin1

As usual lovely collar bone and belly button details and an impressive cleavage layer. Dulce Secrets always has Group Gifts, Gatchas and hunts going on and if you want to take a picture of your lovely new skin then check out the TP in front of the counter.  AnneAlyce Maertens who owns has placed a photo studio in the sky for all to use and OMG how generous has she been with the props and I should know as I own quite a few myself but there is more than the standard prop/pose room for everyone to use.  I highly reccomend setting your windlight setting to Nam Optimal skin1 . This is usually the settings I use when I’m inworld as it shows off skin to perfection.  Like Touche Eclat for SL.

Now stop looking at my skin and check out the hot tub I’m standing in. It comes from one of the leading, new and creative designers in SL  Apple Fall who has named his shop AF (Apple Fall).  We have probably mentioned him  a couple of times for items such as his amazing London sky home and soon I will be posting a picture of his lovely greenhouse .  He creates low primmed high quality mesh homes and furnishings and not badly priced as well which is always a bonus.  Special offer for the Zodiac shop, more about that at the end but this hot tub priced at 250 and only 5 prim!  I’m not a hot tub person but this one is going to be staying as it’s sizing, texturing and poses are so  good.  I can see that pretty soon all our rentals are going to be having one of these placed outside.

Hot Tub

I took this at a night setting so you can see how bright and atmospheric the water is. Packed with great poses and  1 set of couples.  Just the right size to sit you and friends comfortably or even just you on your own.

The Zodiac shop is a monthly sale of items which all have something in common with that months Zodiac sign and of course it is now the turn of the Aquarian.  So most things have a watery theme.  A selection of clothes, jewels, shoes, poses and of course the hot tub shown.  Some BIG will know shops here and a couple that I don’t recognise but if they’re the same quality as the rest as soon as I post this I’m off to check them out.

Dulce Secret


AF (Apple Falls main shop)

psssst: This is Faithless…please note – DONT ever go shopping with Zan, she makes you BUY things !

HA Faith has added this and I’m leaving it in. But I told you she will be placing one of these outside as many of our homes as she can because you can’t beat great.

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Its Summer…somewhere

even.flow NEW! For Acid Lily

It’s certainly not anything like Summer here in the UK…but I know some of you are in the sun ! I have some more goodies from the latest round at Acid Lily…boy-oh-boy its a great place to score a few bargains….even.flow have a couple treats out for you the first being this deeelicious little denim mini skirt…different tones available. It fits really really well..I cant stress that enough , I’ve bought SO many that just don’t. Sooper belt on it also, all that for just 69L *faint*…Im wearing it with another must-have from even.flow, the new mesh bikini , you can buy these mix n match…lotsa different tops and bottoms…just go mad ! The price tag wont scare you,  at 35L its a real steal , so grab a few while the going is gooooood. Thanks Yingy ❤

Acid Lily



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Goth Fair

CandyMetal Goth Fair Gift- FREE mesh dress

Oh Haii!!! A little piece of news today…apparently a Goth Fair has started…I cant tell you very much about it as I havent had time to pop over for a gander…BUT…CandyMetal have this awesome mesh oriental dress there for just 10L ! It comes in all the usual standard sizes…slinkily split up the sides of both legs…and some really pretty butterfly detail on the fabric…whats not to like?! Sounds as if it might be a good event to head too…have fun !

Goth Fair

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Fashion Slave

Slave frilly coat, coldLogic leggings NEW - FREE BOOTS

I thought Id better show the new mesh coat from Slave in its proper setting, after I used it as lingerie…This is the “Frill coat”…350L for a whopping pack of five different versions…I so love the style of this…I wore it with a layering tank from Jane..but it looks equally as good worn with a bra for an edgier appeal…its a winner for my wardrobe ! My mesh leggings are newly released from coldlogic called “jessop” these are the greyscale ones, SO handy …my boots are freebies…uhhuh uhhuh…couldnt believe my eyeballs when I saw them on the market place. They are by ShuShu “Feel Free” boots, you get a rigged and resizable pair in the pack..scrummy !





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candymetal acid lilly gift slave frilled coat wow skins new

A new round of the Acid Lily Gallery has begun..and Ive got a coupla things to share with you. CandyMetal have a so so SO sweet lingerie set out as a gift. I adore the mix of turquoise and sherbert lemon, it comes complete with two styles of panties…this set is also Lola Tango ready hoohah! I’m wearing a new release from Slave over the top, which is actually a coat (350L and you get FIVE different ones in the pack!)…BUT…this version of it is just so darn pretty I’m gonna use it as a robe to lounge around in …My skin is a new release from WoW Skins..called “Fleur” . This is the Tan shade, which I like oooodles, not too orangey or dark but a lovely beach-bum tone…(beauty spot on upper lip is my own)

CandyMetal mesh jacket and free lingerie for Acid Lily

CandyMetal also have this for Acid Lily, the Mesh Lulu biker jacket…four colours to choose from and just 70L, what a great buy ! I noticed that this time there isn’t the standard sizes in the box but different alphas…I used the zero alpha and it fitted a treat.

Acid Lily

WoW Skins


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Low ” Calorie” Winter Warmers

Zinnias NEW release

I try to think of prims as calories. You want something rich out in your home…ie: lots of prims…youre going to have to cut down on your “calories” elsewhere. Hence I’m always looking for top quality items that don’t eat up my calorific budget ! The other quest is to make a real statement and fill a room or space with style and warmth…pretty hard to find…BUT….Zinnias always has something that fits the bill. The brand spankin new “Neo Aztec Bench Set” ticks all the boxes for me. Super lowwwww calories (prims)  Incredibly stylish and well made…and has that statement look too it.

Zinnias decor detail

This new set is simply so organic in shape…it makes you feel you could reach and touch it..and feel that silky smooth wood beneath your fingertips…no sharp edges makes it have real appeal …the wood texture is beautiful , as is the ethnic detail work along the sides of the pieces…I especially enjoyed the poses in the bench, superb animations as always…check the prims, you wont believe how little they are.

Zinnias New !

Also new out is the “Quetzalcoatl Serpent Shelf set”, this would compliment and work well with the Neo Aztec set. Adore the shape of the shelf….off set *S* with the same brilliant beech wood texture…If youre curious about the name “Quetzalcoatl”, Zinnia tells me its “inspired by the Aztec God, Quetzalcoatl.  Part bird, part serpent, his name means “Feathered Serpent”…hence the little pot of feathers also featured. (These pieces are a mixture of mesh & sculpts)  Thanks Zinnia ❤